Capture all the action with these accessories for the DJI Pocket 2

Our DJI Pocket 2 review found us singing the praises of this tiny action camera. With a wider field of view than the original DJI Osmo Pocket and an improved sensor, this is one of the best action cameras on the market today. It lacks nothing but will do more with a few accessories. Carry cases, mini controllers, and memory cards will boost the performance of your Pocket 2 and make your workflow smoother. What are the best DJI Pocket 2 accessories? Read on to find out.

Improve your memory

Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB

Staff Pick

You can’t do much with your Pocket 2 without space to store your adventures. The DJI Pocket 2 supports SDHC/SDXC UHS-I microSD cards up to 256GBs. The best card to pack in your bag is the Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB microSDXC. It’s designed specifically for video with write speeds of up to 100MB/s. It’s fast, waterproof, and is the recommended choice from DJI.

$16 at Amazon $16 at Best Buy $16 at Walmart

Filter that lens

Freewell All Day ND Filters

Freewell ND filters were among our top two picks on our best accessories for the DJI Osmo Pocket collection, and they make it on the same list for the Pocket 2. These magnetic filters snap over the lens of your Pocket 2, protecting your glass while giving you clear footage and brighter colors shooting in bright sunlight. This kit comes with eight filters that are waterproof, dustproof, and scratchproof.

$130 at Amazon $130 at Adorama $130 at B&H

Keep your camera charged

DJI Pocket 2 Charging Case

You can’t do much when your battery is flat. Direct from DJI, the Pocket 2 Charging Case stores your camera in a safe spot while recharging the battery. It’s small enough to tuck in your pocket or a bag, and it also holds two microSD cards, four ND filters, and two smartphone adapters. If you need to charge on the go, this is one of the best DJI Pocket 2 accessories out there.

$99 at Amazon $99 at B&H $99 at DJI

Do everything better

DJI Pocket 2 Do-It-All Handle

The DJI Pocket 2 Do-It-All Handle is versatility on steroids. It’s comfortable to hold, has a built-in wireless module, Bluetooth, a wireless mic receiver, and a quarter-inch tripod mount. With it, you can connect to the DJI Mimo app over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, control your Pocket 2 from your iPhone, record sound wirelessly, and attach your cam to a tripod. This is a must-have for serious videographers.

$99 at Amazon $99 at Adorama $99 at B&H

Protect your investment

Smatree Hard Carrying Case

The hardshell case from Smatree comes with perfectly sized cutouts to fit your Pocket 2 and accessories. It’s 9 x 11-inches, so it tucks nicely in a backpack. You can also grab it and go with the adjustable hand strap that converts to a shoulder strap. This hardshell case shields your Pocket 2 against dust while you’re at home and protects against damage from drops and bumps while you’re on the move.

$31 at Amazon

Get better sound

DJI Wireless Microphone Transmitter

You’ll get cleaner sound out of your DJI Pocket 2 with the Wireless Microphone Transmitter and windscreen from DJI. The windscreen eliminates noise generated by wind and your environment while the wireless sound transmitter sends the audio signal over the air. The battery lasts up to six hours on this model, and it works at a distance of about 40 yards. You’ll need the Do-It-All Handle for this mic to work out of the box.

$99 at Amazon $99 at B&H $99 at Crutchfield

Pan and tilt smoother

DJI Controller Wheel

The DJI Pocket 2 Controller Wheel comes with a power cable, cover case, lanyard, and USB-C and Lightning smartphone adapters. When you attach this to your Pocket 2, you can pan and tilt smoother using the controller’s built-in wheel. You’ll also get two buttons on board to help you compose perfect shots. Best of all, the DJI Controller Wheel is useable one-handed, so you can shoot faster while dialing in precise angles.

$50 at Amazon

Go hands-free

STARTRC Rotation Backpack Mount

Clip the STARTRC 360-degree backpack mount to your backpack’s shoulder strap for hands-free shooting. The non-slip clip holds firmly to your pack, never slipping from position, and is useable with Wi-Fi modules. You can also clip this mount to your bike, a backpack, clothes, a hat, or a wrist strap.

$10 at Amazon

Steady your shots

DJI Pocket 2 Micro Tripod

The small, foldable DJI Pocket 2 Micro Tripod supports your action camera so it can stand stably on all surfaces. It’s super compact, fits in most cases, and will ensure you get rock-solid footage on every trip.

$29 at Amazon $29 at Adorama $29 at DJI

Widen your field of view


The DJI Pocket 2 has an impressive lens, but there are times you want to go wide. For that, we recommend the USKEYVISION wide-angle lens. It attaches magnetically to your Pocket 2 and gives you a clear, broad view of the scenery. Footage and stills come out at a 16:9 ratio, perfect for panoramas, landscapes, and sports shooting.

$20 at Amazon

Our top three picks

A few extras will help you do more with your videography. One of the best DJI Pocket 2 accessories is the Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB microSD card. It’s cheap, gives you plenty of room to work with, and stands up challenging weather. Note: if you picked up one of our recommended best microSD cards for the DJI Osmo Pocket, the previous generation action cam from DJI, it’s compatible with your Pocket 2.

If you film in bright daylight, you’ve probably had your highlights blown out a time or two. You can fix that problem and add a protective coating to your lens with Freewell All Day ND Filters. If you need a place to keep your Pocket 2 safe from dust at home or bumps and bangs while traveling, grab the Smatree Hard Carrying Case. It fits the DJI Pocket 2 and accessories and has a hand and shoulder strap.

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