After AirTags, what will the next long-running saga to come to an end be?

Today saw Apple finally make AirTags available for sale. I have one here and, after two years of waiting and writing about rumors, it’s great to be able to check this one off. I remember a similar sense of relief once AirPods Max were finally all official last year, too.

But what’s next?

Apple often has these kinds of products. Products that are rumored to oblivion and often leaked just as much. Products that are years in the making but, for whatever reason, broke cover far too soon. Going back, the iPad was the same kind of thing. We knew Apple was working on a tablet. Then we knew Apple was working on a wearable and we got Apple Watch.

The odd one out here is also the elephant in the room. Apple never did quite manage to get AirPower out into the world and I suspect some execs at Apple are still having sleepless nights over that one. But with iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods Max, and now AirTags launched, what’s next to be announced after going through the rumor mill?

We currently have a couple of big projects that we know are being worked on deep within Apple’s campus. Apple Car, or whatever it ends up being called, and Apple Glass. Or yes, whatever it ends up being called.

At this point, it seems highly unlikely that we will see Apple Car within the next five or even more years. It’s already been in the works for what feels like forever, but Apple won’t make a move until it’s ready. It’s much the same story in terms of the rumored Apple Glass as well, although that now seems to be two products with one closer to market than the other.

Personally, I must admit to being less than excited about either of those products. Not like I was about Apple Watch and AirPods Max, at least. What I am excited about is seeing them come and go, ready for the next round of rumors and the next halo product that will have us all talking again.

Don’t get me wrong, new iPhones and Apple Watches every year is cool and all. But it’s the new stuff that really makes this job so interesting!

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