Apple touts ad attribution tools following App Tracking Transparency rollout

Following the rollout of App Tracking Transparency protections that requires developers to ask permission before tracking users’ IDFA tags, Apple touted its own set of ad attribution tools that are not subject to the same onerous demands.

Data PrivacyDetailed in a post to Apple’s developer webpage, Private Click Measurement is an alternative to user data tracking that allows advertising networks to measure clicks within apps and websites that navigate to a website. Importantly, because the tool does not track user data, specifically identifier for advertisers (IDFA) tags, developers can use it without asking for permission under Apple’s App Tracking Transparency rules.Available with iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, which saw release on Monday, Privacy Click Measurement maintains user privacy through minimal data collection policies and on-device processing, according to a recent Apple privacy report.

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