Want to protect your new AirTag? Here’s the accessories you need

If you’re buying an AirTag at launch, you’ll probably want to acquire a holder for the small tracker. Here’s a compilation of accessories for AirTag that you can buy to carry around and attach it to the things you don’t want to lose.

Apple AirTag with baltic blue key ring on black laptop bagAirTag’s design is striking yet simple, consisting of a round tag with a rim. While the coin-like device is beautifully crafted by Apple, it differs from other trackers on the market as it doesn’t include any built-in attachment points. Other tags from firms like Tile and Chipolo include holes and spaces to hook or tie the tags onto an item or keychain, however AirTag doesn’t offer this capability out of the box.Naturally for an Apple device, there’s a large number of accessories already produced for the AirTag, which can help you attach it to practically anything you want, within reason.

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