Headphone haptics maker sues Apple over modern Taptic Engine

Taction Technology, which developed an enhanced haptic feedback system that later made its way into headphones, is suing Apple for allegedly infringing on two owned patents with its Taptic Engine.

Taptic EngineIntroduced with Apple Watch in 2014, Apple’s Taptic Engine is a specialized haptic feedback system that eschews traditional vibratory motors in favor of a linear resonant actuator capable of reproducing complex oscillation input signals and, importantly, dampening movement. This control over the moving mass within the module translates into unique tactile experiences ranging from buzzing and light tapping to simulating a heart beat.Following a debut on Apple Watch, the Taptic Engine was integrated into iPhone, where it now plays an integral role in the iOS user interface. Users feel haptic vibrations as confirmation of UI instances, replacement for audio cues, feedback in games and more.

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