Apple ‘pushes the envelope’ with iPad Pro say executives

In another interview about the iPad Pro, Apple marketing chief Greg Joswiak and Apple hardware chief John Ternus explained some of the design decisions that went into the new tablet.

Apple’s updated iPad Pro has enjoyed a number of changes for 2021, including the use of mini LED backlighting to create the Liquid Retina XDR display in the 12.9-inch model, and a change in processor to the M1. In a follow-up interview about the changes, Greg Joswiak and John Ternus discussed why Apple made those changes.”We’ve always tried to have the best display,” said Ternus to TechCrunch. “We’re going from the best display on any device like this, and making it even better, because that’s what we do and that’s why we, we love coming to work every day is to take that next big step.”

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