How to color balance your Apple TV with your iPhone

One of the features arriving in tvOS 14.5 will help you get the best picture possible from your Apple TV and television by using your iPhone. Here’s how to use the new display calibration tool.

Apple TV tvOS Color BalancingAvid watchers of TV shows and movies generally want to have the ideal image shown on their television. For most people, the default settings of a television may be good enough for their purposes, but some spend time tweaking the picture settings to their preferred configuration.This fine-tuning of the image isn’t necessarily a task that many people would want to go down, especially given the complexity of the task for some television menus. What’s more, setting the display settings on a television for one set-top box may make the image perfect on that pairing of hardware, but it may not be suitable for another connected device, like a game console.

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