Here’s how the exclusive Monster Hunter Rise amiibo work!

Get some nifty cosmetics to show off to your friends.

Just like Monster Hunter Stories on the Nintendo 3DS, Capcom has decided to release some adorable amiibo for players to use in Monster Hunter Rise. Players can use any amiibo to win lottery prizes, but the official Monster Hunter Rise amiibo have some special perks associated with them.

Using Monster Hunter Rise amiibo

What are the Monster Hunter Rise amiibo?

Three official amiibo were released alongside Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch. The largest amiibo depicts the game’s flagship monster, Magnamalo. There are also two amiibo featuring the Palico and Palamute Buddies, both of whom can be customized in the game, in their default gear.

How do I get Layered Armor from amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise?

  1. Visit a Merchant. You can head to the Market, run by Kagero the Merchant, in the Kamura Village square. Kagero sells items that can be useful on hunts and can be found standing directly opposite Hinoa the Quest Maiden. You can also visit Maido the Merchant, the purr-ecious Felyne sitting to the left of Minoto the Hub Maiden in the Gathering Hub.

  2. Select “Read amiibo”.

  3. Touch the amiibo of your choice to the NFC reader on your controller. For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, the NFC reader is located atop the right analog stick. On Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, the NFC reader can be found on the Nintendo Switch icon in the middle of the controller. If you can’t find it, don’t worry! An image illustrating where you should place the amiibo will appear. Still, make sure that the controller you’re using is amiibo compatible. All official Nintendo controllers can read amiibo, but not all third-party controllers can.

  4. Select “Claim Bonuses.” You will then be given a Layered Armor set that corresponds to the amiibo you’re using. The Magnamalo amiibo grants Layered Armor for your Hunter, the Palico amiibo has Layered Armor for your Palico, and the Palamute amiibo — surprise! — has Layered Armor for your Palamute buddy.

  5. To customize your Hunter, head to any Item Box. Item Boxes can be found in your tents during quests, in your Private Room in Kamura Village, opposite Senri the Mailman in the village square, and on both floors of the gathering hub. Select Layered Armor Settings. In the sub-menu, select Change Layered Armor. You will be brought to your Layered Armor box, where you can apply the armor atop the armor you’re currently wearing.

  6. To customize your Buddies, head to the Buddy Board. A Buddy Board can also be found just opposite Komitsu the Sweettooth in the village, inside your Private Room, on the second floor of the Hub, in the Buddy Plaza, and in your tent during quests. At the Buddy Board, select “Layered Armor Settings.” In the sub-menu, select “Change Layered Armor.” Choose the Buddy you wish to customize, and you’re all set!

Are there benefits to wearing Layered Armor?

In short, no. Layered Armor is purely a cosmetic “skin” that sits on top of the armor you’re wearing. None of your stats are changed, and you receive no additional buffs for wearing it. There’s only one benefit: Looking super cool and showing off to your friends! The Sinister Seal Layered Armor resembles the Sinister Armor you get from slaying Magnamalo. Wearing the Sinister Seal Layered Armor over your regular armor allows you to look like the Magnamalo, without having to forfeit the Armor Skills and stats you want.

If you managed to get your hand on the Monster Hunter Rise amiibo, we hope you enjoy using it in Monster Hunter Rise! With so much content and ways to express yourself, no wonder it’s considered one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch.

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