Apple to banish iPhone’s TrueDepth ‘notch’ with sub-display Face ID in 2023, Kuo says

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple is planning to introduce a Face ID system that sits beneath iPhone’s display, potentially nixing the bemoaned TrueDepth “notch” for a truly full-screen experience.

TrueDepthKuo offers few details on the matter in a note to investors on Wednesday, saying only that an “under-display Face ID” system will debut on iPhone in 2023. The missive was included in correspondence that detailed a new 48-megapixel camera set to debut on iPhone in 2022.For some iPhone users, the promise of invisible biometrics has been a tantalizing feature since TrueDepth was introduced with iPhone X in 2017. The facial recognition solution offers security and an improved user experience, but in its current form requires a slice of screen real estate to operate. Sub-display technology would presumably remedy the issue.

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