Monster Hunter Rise: The Switch Axe is both an axe and a sword

A powerful weapon that’s part axe and part sword.

The Switch Axe is one of the most versatile weapons in Monster Hunter Rise since it can be either an axe or slide open to become a sword. These two forms offer unique sets of attacks and can be really powerful when mastered. In this guide, I’ll go over the best builds, attacks, and skills for the Switch Axe.

Seeing as how this is a relatively complex game, you’ll want to makes sure you have enough room on your microSD card in order for it to play properly.

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe fighting style

The Switch Axe operates like a switchblade in that it has an axe form and can swing open into a sword form. The Axe mode is powerful with a decent reach and mobility. The Sword form can lead to lots of damage with faster attacks and finishers. Players should also note that the Sword form uses the phial bonus.

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe controls

Axe Mode:
XAxe: Overhead Slash
Rapidly press AAxe: Wild Swing
X + AAxe: Rising Slash
L Joystick + XAxe: Forward Slash
Sword Mode:
XSword: Overhead Slash
ASword: Double Slash
X + AElement Discharge
  • Switch Gauge: Once your Switch Gauge is filled to a certain point, you can morph your sword. If your guage is low, you will reload instead. When the sword is not in use, the gauge fills gradually over time.
  • Axe Heavy Slam: Use Axe: Wild Swing a certain number of times, then press X to perform an Axe: Heavy Slam. This combination will often prime you to reach Maximum Potency.
  • Phials: Attacks in Sword Mode will expend the Switch Gauge to adda phial’s effects to your attacks.
  • Amped State: Attacking with the sword enhances phials until they enter an Amped State, giving Axe Mode and Sword Mode extra hits.

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe combos

Axe Mode
L Joystick + X, X, X, XAxe: Basic Combo: Axe: Forward Slash > Axe: Overhead Slash > Axe: Side Slash > Axe: Rising Slash
Rapidly press A, X, ZR, AAxe: Combo into Sword Mode: Axe: Wild Swing > Axe: Heavy Slam > Axe: Morph Rising Double Slash > Sword: Triple Slash
Sword Mode
Xx3, Ax2, X + A, Rapidly press ASword: Combo during an opening: Slash Combo >Slash Combo > Element Discharge > Element Discharge Finisher

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe Silkbind Attacks

Silkbind AttacksFunction
ZL + ASwitch Charger: Wirebug launches you forward and your Switch Gauge quickly regenerates. It also makes it so the Switch Gauge won’t go down for a bit.
ZL + XInvincible Gambit: You do a spin attack while moving forward. You cannot flinch or get knocked back while in motion.

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe Switch Skills

Each weapon in Monster Hunter Rise has unique Switch Skills, so called because you can have one of two skills activated for each attack at a time.

AttackSwitch Skills
Silkbind AttackInvincible Gambit: This Wirebug maneuver makes it so you cannot be knocked down until your attacks are completed.
Soaring Wyvern Blade: Fly up with a Wirebug while slashing around and allowing a Forward Slash from in the air. If the Forward Slash lands, the Activation Gauge fills up and there’s an explosion.
Regular Attack 1Finishing Discharge: A finishing blow that has you perform a thrust attack and ends in an explosion
Compressed Finishing Discharge: A finishing blow that delivers a swift strike while putting you in a crouch that cannot be knocked down.

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe Best Builds

As always, the best builds are a matter of opinion. I prefer to wear gear that offers plenty of defense. Here are the builds that will help compliment the Switch Axe’s abilities.

Best Builds for 2 Star Quests

AreaBest equipment
WeaponProto Iron Axe II
HeadIzuchi Helm
ChestHunter’s Mail
ArmsAlloy Vambraces
WaistAlloy Coil
LegsBaggi Greaves

Stats & Skills for this build:

  • Defense: 44
  • Fire: -4
  • Water: -2
  • Thunder: -5
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 1
  • Attack Boost Lvl 2
  • Critical Eye Lvl 3
  • Water Attack Lvl 1

Best Builds for 4 Star Quests

AreaBest equipment
WeaponImproved Steel Axe
HeadBarroth Helm
ChestVolvidon Mail
ArmsBnahabra Gloves
WaistVolvidon Coil
LegsVolvidon Greaves

Stats & Skills for this build:

  • Defense: 93
  • Fire: 2
  • Water: -9
  • Thunder: 4
  • Ice: -3
  • Dragon: 6
  • Rapid Morph Lvl 2
  • Attack Boost Lvl 1
  • Evade Window Lvl 1
  • Evade Extender Lvl 1

Best Builds for Endgame

AreaBest equipment
WeaponSinister Shadowslice
HeadAlmudron Helm S
ChestAnja Mail S
ArmsAlmudron Vambraces S
WaistKhezu Coil S
LegsLudroth Greaves S

Stats & Skills for this build:

  • Defense: 275
  • Fire: -12
  • Water: 8
  • Thunder: 8
  • Ice: -3
  • Dragon: -3
  • Focus Lvl 3
  • Rapid Morph Lvl 3
  • Power Prolonger Lvl 2
  • Evade Window Lvl 2
  • Slugger Lvl 3
  • Marathon Runner Lvl 1

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe Best Skills

As you create your builds and get further into the game, we recommend working on obtaining these skills.

SkillWhat it does
Rapid MorphThis skill increases the amount of damage and speed created by form changing abilities. Get it at least to level 3 to make good use of it.
FocusThis makes it so you can fill the gauge faster.
Power ProlongerMakes it so power buffs last longer.
Attack BoostAs you’d expect, this makes it so the attack power of your Switch Axe attack increases. It’s definitely worth your while to get it to level 4.

Time to pull the old switcheroo

The Switch Axe is a versatile weapon that switches between an axe and a sword. You’ll have a decent amount of mobility and plenty of ways to attack when using this weapon.

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