Twitter is working to bring Spaces to the desktop

What you need to know

  • Twitter is working to bring its Spaces feature to the desktop.
  • The social network is testing Spaces on the web via a browser.

The company isn’t being very secretive about it, either.

Twitter is working on bringing its Clubhouse-like Spaces feature to the desktop via a web browser. While there hasn’t been any confirmation of when we can expect the feature to go live, the company did confirm that work is underway.

Reported by The Verge, Twitter looks set to bring Spaces to the web for the first time after already working to get it into the iOS and Android apps.

Over the past several months, Twitter has been working hard to bring its Clubhouse-like audio chat rooms feature, Spaces, to users on iOS and, as of last month, Android. A logical next place for Spaces to show up would be on the web, and unsurprisingly, Twitter is working on the feature for browsers, the company confirmed to The Verge.

Twitter has also been less than stealthy about its plans to bring Spaces to the web. A Twitter developer has been sharing images that show what a web-based Spaces implementation might look like for a week now.

Regardless, you’ll need Twitter to give you access to Spaces if you want to use it. It’s still being rolled out to users as I type this.

There’s still no work on whether Spaces will be available to other developers, unfortunately. That’s a big shame considering the best Twitter apps for iPhone tend to be those created by third-party developers.

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