iPhone SE is reportedly gaining 5G next year, hole-punch screen in 2023

What you need to know

  • Display supply chain analyst Ross Young says iPhone SE will gain 5G in 2022.
  • A new hole-punch screen is said to be coming to a 2023 refresh.

No word about the rumored iPhone SE Plus, though.

Apple will refresh its iPhone SE and add 5G support next year, according to a new report by display supply chain analyst Ross Young. What’s more, a 2023 refresh will also bring a new hole-punch display according to the same report.

Young currently works for Display Supply Chain Consultants and has a reasonable rate of success when talking about future Apple products. With that in mind, it’s worth paying attention when the analyst says we can expect a new iPhone SE in 2022, but it won’t get a new screen. Bar the same 4.7-inch screen, Young says the device will at least gain 5G support for the first time.

The same report notes that Apple will switch to a new 6.1-inch screen in 2023 with a brand new hole-punch design rather than a notch. The current iPhone SE doesn’t have a notch either thanks to its use of a Home button and Touch ID. It isn’t clear if this means Face ID will be an option in the future, or not. That being said, we’ve heard similar reports of a hole-punch design coming to a future flagship iPhone, too.

Apple’s iPhone SE is currently a great budget iPhone and arguably one of the best iPhones for kids. The more it improves with features like 5G, the better. It remains to be seen whether that will see a change in price, however.

Young’s report does not mention anything about the rumored iPhone SE Plus, unfortunately.

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