Your iPhone has a secret app for scanning QR codes

What you need to know

  • Code Scanner is an iPhone app designed just to scan QR codes and open App Clips.
  • The app can’t be found without using Spotlight or Control Center.

Bit of a weird one, this.

Apple ships iPhones with tons of apps pre-installed and that’s cool, but there’s one that it doesn’t actually tell you exists. Code Scanner, it appears, is an app that can be used to scan QR codes and initiate App Clips. But you won’t find it in your App Library.

First spotted by Gadget Hacks, the Code Scanner app has to be launched from Spotlight because there is no app icon anywhere to be found. Once tapped, users are asked to “find a code to scan”

Eagle-eyed users will notice that the app is actually the same one that can be launched via the QR code scanner Control Center. Until now that was thought to be the only way to access the app, but it appears that isn’t the case at all.

The same feature can also be accessed by using the standard Camera app, too. Just point your camera at a QR code and it will be recognized as such. But if you wanted a new way to get to your QR code scanning on, now you have it. Note that you’ll need iOS 14 installed if you intend to search for Code Scanner, though.

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