Apple reportedly rejecting apps built with SDKs that incorporate ‘device fingerprinting’

As part of previously announced plans to safeguard the App Store and users of its various platforms, Apple this week began to reject apps and app updates crafted with third-party SDKs integrating “device fingerprinting” data collection techniques.

App Tracking TransparencyA number of developers are noting the change in policy, which is related to Apple’s upcoming App Tracking Transparency safety measures set for release alongside iOS 14.5. As Forbes reports, Radish Fiction, Heetch, an app from InnoGames, and apps relying on an SDK from Adjust are among the recent rejections.”Our app just got rejected by Apple’s app reviewer, blaming the MMP SDK for building a fingerprint ID,” Aude Boscher, a growth marketing product manager at Heetch, said in an industry Slack channel. “I saw other people complaining … so it might soon come up for you as well!”

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