ACNH fans are making cool illusions with umbrella designs

People are making some creative illusions with the help of custom umbrella designs.

It didn’t take long after umbrella customization became available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for people to start making some incredible designs. What makes umbrella designs more appealing than the other items is that you can create 3D illusions with your drawings. Whether you’ve come to get some adorable designs for your island or to get inspiration for your own creations, here are the best custom umbrella designs in Animal Crossing.

Fun fact: The optical illusion of creating depth on a relatively flat surface is called trompe l’oeil (tromp loy). See what trompe l’oeil designs our fellow Animal Crossing fans have come up with.

The best Animal Crossing umbrella designs

One of the reasons that Animal Crossing is one of the best Nintendo Switch games is that it really lets us get creative. We’ve gathered together the best umbrella designs we’ve seen. Check them out.

I’m a-gonna win! (MO-R22G-YDMR-H06R)

Now that we have all of those fun Mario items, we can get a little more creative with it. This design looks just like the item blocks in Mario Kart. Why not make a little track on your island?

Baby Yoshi! (MO-RKHR-9Q1R-W984)

This awesome Yoshi design is perfect for any Mario fans out there.

I’d hit that (MO-MYXB-T5D5-WQJ6)

While we do now have ? Blocks in Animal Crossing, we can’t view them at an angle like this unless we’re indoors.

An apple a day (MO-TTGV-XWJS-GSXD)

A carton of apples is just what my island needs for the orchard. Plop it down next to your trees for a beautiful effect.

Delivery! (MO-F597-8SPD-SD2R)

Everyone loves getting packages in the mail and this umbrella design makes it look like you get a delivery in game.

Creepers gonna creep (MO-DT7R-6FQH-721h)

Minecraft fans will get a kick out of this explosive guy. Drop him anywhere on your island for a creepy look.

Please take care of it (MO-QRG0-N7SP-RSKR)

Anyone who’s played Portal will instantly recognize the Companion Cube. It might not have been able to live long in the original game, but it can have a happy retirement in New Horizons.

Na na na na na na na na Batman Collectible (MO-2HMR-0MJ9-J6C5)

I love collecting figurines in real life, but up until now there was no way to customize collectibles in our Animal Crossing homes. Place Batman in your home to show off your love of Gotham.

Dangerous when wet! (MO-4DKY-KV6M-1SCS)

Gizmo’s looking awfully cute in that box. Just remember that this is an umbrella you don’t want to keep out in the rain — just kidding! This one won’t turn into an evil monster… we think.

The ultimate cube (MO-LH3F-2C8C-VWFL)

The Nintendo Game Cube is undoubtedly one of the best consoles ever created. Show off your love for this retro gaming system by placing it somewhere on your island.

A GameCube umbrella for you and your villagers to play Animal Crossing on! from

Magica mystica (MO-54HM-3RV5-84GJ)

It might not have any illusionary powers, but the design on this umbrella is absolutely beautiful.

Psychedelic! (MO-YNHL-1K4M-RW7R)

You might not be able to find an equally colorful umbrella design anywhere else. I love the pattern of the colors as it almost looks like they’re running after getting hit with rain. So pretty.

Sanrio pets

Sanrio villagers and items are now available and they’re absolutely adorable. Add more Sanrio fun to your island with these cute little homes.

  • Keroppi tank: MO-2Y2X-3FXR-D11C
  • Pompompurin house: MO-G3ND-MPJB-6P8B
  • My Melo & Kuro house: MO-4TJN-T6R2-TV4S

Pretty kitties

Bring five different kitties to your home with these awesome Animal Crossing umbrella designs.

  • Black cat: MO-P447-BQ9T-V8FC
  • Orange cat: MO-CL0J-TH82-DFF6
  • Calico cat: MO-7BDP-W83Q-WSSS
  • Grey cat: MO-8PDL-KX3W-HFND
  • Black and white cat: MO-5KTK-5G01-V3QS

Fresh produce (MA-9490-7368-3315)

If you need more than apples, this creator has crates for all of the fruit your island can grow. Place them in front of your orchards for a beautiful pastoral vibe.

Trompe l’oeil bumbershoots

It’s certainly fun seeing what people come up with when designing things. We’ll update this list if we see any other awesome Animal Crossing umbrella designs.

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