Cross AirTags with iPod touch and you get this gorgeous new iPod nano

What you need to know

  • Apple’s iPod nano is long gone but this concept shows how amazing a modern one could be.
  • The new concept shows a rounded iPod nano that resembles the AirTags leaks we’ve seen.

Make it so, Apple.

Who remembers the iPod nano? I do, and I owned the very first model. It was cool. But you know what would make it cooler? A screen you can touch and a look that’s very much Apple in 2021. This latest concept by Tech Blood proves it, too.

Shared via a YouTube video and a handful of still renders, this new concept imagines what would happen if you created a modern iPod nano. The shape immediately reminds me of the rumored AirTags and the display is, of course, touch-friendly.

And just look at it!

This new iPod 2021 Concept showcases how Apple could bring back the iPods, with new features! This Circular iPod is easy to hold and carry. It comes with its own dedicated OS, which makes the User Interface easy to understand and use. Everyone loved having an iPod, so here’s a New iPod with all the latest Technology!

The concept shows an iOS-like interface that is actually its own bespoke operating system. But Podcasts, Music, and even Siri are all present and correct. I think it’s fair to say I’d be all over one of these things if Apple let me buy one!

Until then, I’d suggest bagging yourself an iPod touch and slapping it into one of these waterproof cases for iPod touch 7 to make sure it stays in tip-top condition.

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