Brew the perfect coffee with Brew Timer’s new temperature tracking and more

What you need to know

  • Brew Timer has been updated with new features to make brewing the perfect coffee easier than ever.
  • New water temperature tracking, a larger grinder catalog, and more have been added.

The update is now available to everyone.

Coffee aficionados are very particular about what we drink. Some more than others, admittedly. But we all agree that the more information we have about our coffee the better the taste. Brew Timer has been making it easier to track the coffee-making process for a good while now and a new update makes it better than ever.

Available as a free update to existing users, Brew Timer 1.16 adds a couple of new features and improves existing ones all with the aim of giving coffee fans the opportunity to enjoy the very best cup they can.

Starting us off, we have 21 new grinders that have now been added to the app. You can add your own grinder if yours isn’t there, but I’m told there’s a very good chance it will be.

This release adds 21 new grinders: Fellow Ode, Timemore C2, Niche Zero, Kinu M47 and many others. Don’t see your grinder? The “Add Your Own” grinder screen is now redesigned to make it easier to remedy that. And if you want something custom, I’ve also set the app up to support that — just get in touch!

Next, we have water temperature. Because how can you make consistently great coffee if you don’t know what temperature the water needs to be?

Grind and technique have a big impact on your brew’s extraction but temperature matters too! Brew Timer can now keep track of each recipe’s water temperature for you. Simply enable temperature tracking in the app’s settings to get started.

There’s a ton more that’s gone into this update and you can read all about it in Brew Timer’s App Store page. Check out the new Brew Timer Labs in particular!

You can download the newly updated Brew Timer from the App Store now. It’s free for existing users and costs $2.99 if you’re just getting in on the fun.

Once you have the app maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a smart coffee maker as well! You can even automate your morning coffee if that’s your kind of thing.

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