Apple’s AirPods Pro ‘Jump’ campaign is going viral on TikTok

Apple seems to have a hit on TikTok with this one.

What you need to know

  • Apple’s “Jump” campaign on TikTok is going viral.
  • The campaign began with a new ad called “Jump” on YouTube.
  • The company also paired with creators on TikTok to launch the campaign.

Apple is taking its AirPods Pro “Jump” ad and turning it into an interactive campaign on TikTok.

On Sunday, Apple debuted a new ad for AirPods Pro called “Jump.” The ad featured someone running through the streets of their town, jumping rope, and dancing. The aim of the ad was to show you how to “turn the world into your playground” while also promoting the noise cancellation feature of its wireless earbuds.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple is expanding this advertising campaign to TikTok. The “Jump” campaign goes under the #AirPodsJUMP hashtag and challenges people to show off their creativity with jumping rope.

AirPods Pro turn the world into a playground. Now it’s time to join in the fun. Just grab your rope, move to the music, and transform your rope into something playful.

According to the report, Apple has already partnered with six creators on the campaign. Each video features the song “Fallin’ Apart (Feat. Denzel Curry & Pell)” by Young Franco, which is available now to stream on Apple Music.

Apple’s official TikTok account has posted six videos with different creators as part of the “Jump” campaign. Each video highlights AirPods Pro, jumping rope, and implementing a variety of TikTok editing effects and trends. The AirPods Pro “Jump” campaign is set to the song “Fallin’ Apart (Feat. Denzel Curry & Pell)” by Young Franco.

Both the song and hashtag have gone viral on TikTok since the campaign began. Many users have used the hashtag in videos that have nothing to do with the campaign in an effort to game the algorithm, but Apple stands to benefit from all of it.

You can check out some of the videos featured in the campaign below and check out all of them on Apple’s profile on TikTok.


@justmaiko can jump into different looks. What will your jump do? ##AirPodsJUMP

♬ Fallin’ Apart (ft. Denzel Curry & Pell) – Young Franco


@rhegan777 will see if you can keep up. Then it’s your turn to shine. ##AirPodsJUMP

♬ Fallin’ Apart (ft. Denzel Curry & Pell) – Young Franco


@laetitiaky just needs her hair to get jumping. How will you do it? ##AirPodsJUMP

♬ Fallin’ Apart (ft. Denzel Curry & Pell) – Young Franco

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