Review: The Satisfye ZenGrip Go prevents hand cramping on Switch Lite

ZenGrip Go Slim.

Prevent hand cramps with this awesome Switch Lite grip.

My biggest complaint with the Nintendo Switch Lite is that it’s not the most comfortable thing to hold for long stretches. In addition to my hands cramping up, my pinky fingers tend to go numb after 30 minutes of playing, due to bad circulation. So, for the last couple years, I’ve been on the lookout for the best Switch Lite accessories to help me out. A few weeks ago, I found the perfect solution.

Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Satisfye ZenGrip Go Switch Lite grips, my fingers no longer fall asleep and I don’t deal with any cramping. As if that wasn’t reason enough to like them, they also come in different colors and the bundles include high-quality cases.

Ergonomic Switch grips

ZenGrip Go line for Nintendo Switch Lite

Bottom line: The ZenGrip Go actually does prevent hand cramps and finger strain by providing a comfortable rubberized grip to hold. It’s lightweight, easy to install or remove, and just feels right on the Switch Lite.


  • Ergonomic handholds
  • Bundles include hardshell cases
  • Lightweight
  • Color options
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Rubber nubs prevent any scratching


  • Expensive

$40 for Slim Bundle at Amazon
$50 for Ice Edition Bundle at Satisfye

Satisfye ZenGrip Go review:

Satisfye ZenGrip Go review What I like

ZenGrip Go Ice Edition.

I’ve been testing the ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle and the ZenGrip Go Slim Bundle for the past few weeks. They’re honestly the best grips I’ve ever tried for the Switch Lite.

Excellent design

Over the last couple years, I’ve gotten used to my hands feeling uncomfortable while I play my Switch Lite. However, during the days that I spent with the ZenGrip Go, I never once experienced cramping or discomfort.

The grips fit perfectly into my hands and the backsides have a textured rubber material that prevents it from slipping away from me. It’s also incredibly lightweight, so much so that I often forget that I am even holding anything other than the Switch Lite.

Red rubber nubs inside the ZenGrip Go Slim.

I’ve used several Switch Lite grips through the years and I haven’t been satisfied with many of them. Some scratch up your Switch or they are impossible to remove once they’ve been installed. You don’t have to worry about that with Satisfye’s products. There are small rubber nubs along the front of the ZenGrip Go and in the cradles on either end, which allow the Switch Lite to be held firmly in place.

I can even shake the Switch Lite upside down while it’s installed and it won’t budge an inch. However, by putting a small but firm amount of pressure, I can easily remove it. Since it’s held in place by rubber, there’s no risk of scratching the Switch Lite casing.

Extras that come in bundles

They come in various colors and bundles.

You can purchase the ZenGrip Go in various colors on it’s own or you can purchase one of the bundle packs. Unlike some other products out there, I was actually really impressed with everything that comes with the main product.

Every ZenGrip Go bundle comes with removable joystick pads that you can easily pop on and off. But more importantly, bundles come with cases that are specially designed to fit the ZenGrip Go while it’s installed on your Switch. That way, you can easily bring everything with you on trips or other outings.

ZenGrip Go Slim Bundle

The ZenGrip Go Slim Bundle includes the white and red ZenGrip along with a compact hardshell case and a pair of white thumb pads. The case has slots for eight Switch cartidges and features a sturdy rubber handle for easy transport. However, storage space is not included. You can get this bundle with either a red, blue, or grey case.

ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle

The ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle costs a bit more, but that’s because it comes with some awesome extras. There’s both a pair of white and a pair of black thumb pads, it comes with a removable over the shoulder strap to attach to the case, and it even includes a right angle USB-A to USB-C charging cable. That way you can easily charge your Switch Lite while it’s still in the ZenGrip Go.

The hardshell case is covered in a beautiful fabric, has a rubber handle, features slots for 16 Switch games, and also features two zippered storage spots for Switch accessories. I just sling the whole kit over my shoulder and I’m ready to go anywhere.

Satisfye ZenGrip Go review What I don’t like

There’s really a lot going for the ZenGrip Go, so much so that I don’t really have any complaints with the product itself. The only minor drawback is that these bundles are a little expensive. However, considering that it actually makes it easier to hold your Switch Lite and the level of high quality goodies that come in the bundles, I still think the cost is worth it.

Satisfye ZenGrip Go review Should you buy it?

If your hands feel any discomfort while playing your Switch Lite then you really ought to purchase one of these. It makes it so much easier to play your games for long stretches, plus the included goodies make these bundles extremely convenient.

out of 5

They’re may be a tad expensive, but I definitely think they’re worth the cost, considering how comfortable the ergonomic grips are and the quality of the cases they come with. You’ll just need to determine what design you like best.

Perfect fit

ZenGrip Go Slim Bundle

$40 for Slim Bundle at Amazon

Great on any Switch Lite

You can finally have a good handhold on your Switch Lite. It easily slides on and off the Switch Lite and fits in the included carrying case. You don’t have to worry about it causing any scratches as the rubber components keep your Switch Lite protected.

Comfort and protection

ZenGrip Go Ice Bundle

$50 for Slim Bundle at Satisfye

Clear grips

Slide it on your Switch Lite whenever you want a comfortable hold on your gaming system. This clear version comes with a large carrying case that can hold up to 19 game cartridges, two pairs of thumb stick pads, and an over-the-shoulder strap that can be attached to the case.

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