Rumor: Apple’s MagSafe battery pack for iPhone could support reverse charging

Apple is rumored to be developing two MagSafe battery pack models for iPhone 12, one of which could support reverse charging, or accepting power from iPhone, while on the go.

MagSafeSerial leaker Jon Prosser aired the supposed details in an episode of the Genius Bar podcast on Monday, saying Apple is working on two MagSafe battery pack variants. According to his sources, a more feature-rich “premium” model will integrate reverse charging, also known as bilateral wireless charging, though it is unclear if Apple intends to bring both battery pack versions to market.A Federal Communications Commission filing published shortly after the iPhone 12 series debuted last year revealed Apple’s MagSafe protocol supports bilateral charging. Previously rumored for introduction with iPhone 11 in 2019, the hardware feature enables smartphones to use their inductive charging coil to juice up smaller accessories or even other phones.

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