Project Triangle Strategy: Every playable character (that we know so far)

War comes, who are your trusted allies?

Project Triangle Strategy (that’s a working title) is an upcoming 2D RPG from Square Enix that’s being developed for the Nintendo Switch. The world of Project Triangle Strategy is set on the continent of Norzelia, with three kingdoms fighting for limited resources of water, salt, and iron: Glenbrook, Hyzante, and Aesfrost. With a sprawling, epic story that’ll see player decisions shape the outcome, it could end being one of the best Nintendo Switch games available.

Each kingdom has multiple royal houses and factions, meaning this game has a large cast, list of names and titles, so keeping track of the important playable characters can be a bit challenging, especially since some party members seem to be gated off based on the choices you make. As such, we’ve put together a Project Triangle Strategy character guide with every playable character in the game, at least that know of so far.

Serenoa Wolffort

Serenoa Wolffort is the main protagonist you play as in the game. He’s the heir to the Wolffort lands and acting commander of all its forces. House Wolffort is one of the three great houses in the kingdom of Glenbrook. He uses a sword in combat.

Roland Glenbrook

The younger of two princes in line for the Glenbrook throne, Roland is a close friend of Serenoa. In battle, he uses a lance while riding a horse.

Frederica Aesfrost

One of the princesses of the kingdom of Aesfrost, Frederica is the fiance of Serenoa. She wields fire magic in combat.

Benedict Pascal

Steward of House Wolffort, Benedict Pascal serves as a source of wise counsel for Serenoa and his friends. In battle, he buffs his allies, magnifying their strengths and resistances while wielding a cane sword.

Hughette Bucklar

Kingsguard for House Glenbrook, Hughette Bucklar is fiercely loyal to Prince Roland, using her large hawk to glide across the battlefield while equipped with a bow.

Erador Ballentine

As the armsmaster for House Wolffort, Erador Ballentine serves Serenoa and his allies, drawing enemy attention in combat while tanking damage with heavy armor and a shield.

Geela Breisse

Geela Breisse is Frederica’s tutor, wisely looking after her charge while using healing magic to keep her allies rejuvenated in battle.

Corentin Jenner

A Ministry Researcher working for House Wolffort, Corentin Jenner brings deadly ice magic that can freeze foes solid or block their advance, making him an invaluable tactical asset.

Anna Pascal

A spy in the employ of House Wolffort, Anna Pascal can sneak across a battlefield undetected while using her dagger to land critical backstabs.

Julio Lightman

One of three optional characters we’ve found so far, Julio Lightman is an advisor for House Glenbrook. He uses a scimitar in battle.

Medina Alliam

The second optional character we’ve found, Medina Alliam is a healer from the Holy State of Hyzante, using her physician’s skills to heal allies on the battlefield.

Ezana Qlinka

The third optional character so far, Ezana Qlinka is a Shamaness, using the power of rain and water to shape the battlefield for exploitation.

Gather your party and venture forth

Project Triangle Strategy is currently set to release at some point in 2022. Until then, you can try out the demo that’s available right now and will be used to gather player feedback for the developers. Our own editor Sara Gitkos wrote that the demo offered a lot of promise, meaning this has quite a bit of potential depending on how the rest of the game unfolds.

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