Apple highlights Apple Watch’s heath benefits in new YouTube ads

What you need to know

  • Apple has three new Apple Watch ads out designed to highlight various benefits.
  • The ads again focus on the power of Apple Watch in the world of personal health.

The health benefits of Apple Watch Series 6 are at the heart of a new round of YouTube ads, with sleep, ECG, and workouts front and center.

Apple always touts the health benefits of Apple Watch as one of the main reasons to pick one up, and rightly so. This latest collection of ads is designed to drive home just what the wearable is capable of and why you might want to strap one to your wrist whether you’re a workout fanatic or not.

Apple Watch and health are a match made in heaven.

Establish a bedtime routine and track your sleep. Apple Watch Series 6.

Take an ECG anytime, anywhere. Apple Watch Series 6.

Track all your workouts, even underwater. Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE are Apple’s latest wearables although you don’t need the latest and greatest to enjoy the features Apple mentions in these ads. Apple Watches have been known to save lives for a number of years now, whether it’s by encouraging healthy habits or outright spotting heart defects before a wearer noticed anything themselves.

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