iPads and AirTags might be the only Apple announcements in March

Prosser didn’t rule out anything else, however…

What you need to know

  • A new leak from Jon Prosser says that he has only heard about new iPads and AirTags coming from Apple in March.
  • It has been suggested we could see iMacs or even new AirPods, but Prosser hasn’t yet ruled this out.

Apple leaker Jon Prosser has stated overnight that he has only heard about the prospect of new AirTags and iPads coming from Apple in March but was quick not to rule out anything else.

In a tweet overnight Prosser stated:


That’s all I’ve heard of happening in March

Haven’t heard of iMac or AirPods

However, in response to a comment from famed leaker l0vetodream, Prosser noted that he wasn’t saying that nothing else was coming, only “that’s all I’ve heard about.”

It was previously expected Apple would host an event on March 16. This date, previously given by Prosser was expected to feature Apple’s new over-ear AirPods until Apple went ahead and debuted them last year.

The prospect of a March 16 event was thrown out the window by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman Friday, tweeting in response to stories that have been throwing the same date around this week.

From that report:

It seems that despite previous rumors, Apple may not be holding an event on March 16, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. This “confirmation” comes from a recent tweet from Gurman.

Gurman commented that the launch for Apple’s rumored AirTags is not on the 16th, leaving open the possibility that Apple could in fact choose to release them on a different day in March, or that the event is not on March 16 as previously expected.

So what else could Apple release in March? Here’s what Rene Ritchie would love to see.

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