Here’s everything we know so far about No More Heroes 3

Travis returns in an all-new hack and slash adventure.

The No More Heroes series is responsible for some the best action games on the Nintendo Switch, so it’s no surprise that many Nintendo Switch owners are stoked to the latest entry in the series. No More Heroes 3 is the upcoming hack and slash adventure by fan-favorite game designer, Suda 51, and puts Travis Touchdown in the hero role, for once — well, maybe. Here’s everything you need to know about No More Heroes 3.

What’s new with No More Heroes 3?

Update February 17, 2021: February’s Nintendo Direct finally gave us a release date for No More Heroes 3

Fans of Travis Touchdown’s homicidal antics finally have a release date. During’s Februay’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo confirmed that the No More Heroes 3 will arrive on Nintendo Switch on August 17th. We also received a brand new trailer, as well as a look at some of the new gameplay mechanics.

What is the plot of No More Heroes 3?

Aliens have destroyed a major city and have made themselves comfortable on earth. With no one to oppose them, the aliens decide to host an Intergalactic Superhero Ranking Tournament to decide earth’s fate. Travis must wield his beam katana once more and fight his way to the top to save the world.

In a Game Informer interview, Suda-51 explains the game will take place two years after Travis Strikes Again in Santa Destroy, Travis Touchdown’s hometown. We do know that Sylvia will be in this new game, but her role will be quite a bit different than it was in No More Heroes 2. Apparently, she won’t be involved with the world of assassins.

What will gameplay be like?

We know now that Travis is going to take part in the tournament to save the world, but he just can’t for the tournament. No, that would be easy. Instead, Travis will be forced to take on odd jobs around time in order to pay for the entry fee. Afterward, you’ll have fight in various challenges that are based off of many different videogame genres.

Travis will regularly use the Death Glove from Travis Strikes Again as a way to upgrade and customize his move set. We can expect a lot of over-the-top action aside ordinary real-life activities to the brilliantly absurd scenarios the No More Heroes series is known for.

What characters can we expect to appear in No More Heroes 3?

Shortly after the latest trailer debuted, Suda 51 took to Twitter and revealed some new artwork, new characters, and the voice actors bringing them to life.

Suda 51 went on to highlight two new characters. One of them is Travis’s twin brother and rival, Henry Cooldown. The other is Mr. Blackhole, a character who appeared in Travis Strikes Again but in another form.

When will No More Heroes 3 release?

No More Heroes 3 will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on August 17, 2021. Originally slated to release last year, No More Heroes 3 was originally slated for a 2020 release but was knocked out of its release window due to the impact of COVID-19 on the game’s development.

How much will No More Heroes 3 cost?

You can preorder No More Heroes 3 now for $60. As of this writing, there are no special editions available.

Homicidal protagonist

No More Heroes 3

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Return to another hack and slash adventure

As Travis Touchdown, take on alien forces and engage in epic battles as you hack and slash your way through this new game.

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