iPhone factory wages increased as labor investigation begins

The Fair Labor Association recently started looking into reports on behalf of Apple.

What you need to know

  • iPhone factory workers in Shenzhen have been given a pay rise of up to 25%.
  • It comes as investigations into labor conditions began earlier this week.

A report says that Foxconn has given iPhone factory workers in Shenzhen, China, a pay rise of between 16-255.

From Industry Week:

Taiwanese technology giant Hon Hai, the parent company of Foxconn, said it has raised basic salaries for workers in China by up to 25% in a bid to improve working conditions.

Hon Hai announced late Friday that salaries for assembly line workers in Shenzhen, southern China, have been raised by 16% to 25% to 1,800 to 2,500 yuan ($285-$400) monthly, depending on job performance, from Feb. 1.

About half of Foxconn’s one million workers are based in Shenzhen. According to the report, the Fair Labor Association this week began inspections on behalf of Apple “following reports that employees were overworked and underpaid”.

Late last year, an iPhone factory in Karnataka, India, was the scene of a violent worker riot that broke out after workers went several months unpaid. From that story:

A violent riot has broken out at an iPhone factory in India over allegations of unpaid wages.

Video shared by TOI Bengaluru shows loud shouting, and employees smashing the glass front of the Wistron factory. Images also show overturned cars as well as signs being burned. According to reports, nearly 2,000 employees who had just finished a night shift at the plan went on a complete rampage, destroying furniture and factory assembly units, attempting to set fire to vehicles. Police officers attended the crazy scene.

Subsequent investigations found serious labor law violations, which lead to Apple putting supplier Wistron on probation whilst the problems were solved.

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