Check out the best Bluetooth adapters for the Nintendo Switch

If you own a Nintendo Switch, a good pair of headphones are one of the best accessories. While there are many great wireless headphones for the Switch to choose from, the Switch can’t connect to wireless headphones natively. With a Bluetooth adapter, however, you can easily link your wireless headphones to your Switch or Switch Lite. If you’re looking for the best, the HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter for Nintendo Switch is a winner. With dual-channel audio, a great price point, and additional audio settings for audiophiles, The HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter for Nintendo Switch is the best Bluetooth adapter you can buy.

Best Overall: HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter for Nintendo Switch

The HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter for Nintendo Switch is a small and easy-to-use Bluetooth transmitter that connects to the bottom of Switch. It’s not just for portable use though, and it can also be connected to the USB located on the Switch dock. The HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter is actually a dual-channel device, which means that two people can listen simultaneously. It’s a nice feature for those who take their local couch gaming online.

The button on the left side of the device controls the first player’s channel, and the button on the right controls the second player. Two LED lights correspond with each player and flash a different color to indicate whether a player is muted, or if they haven’t paired their headphones yet. Audiophiles take note: the HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter also supports SBC, Qualcomm aptX, and Qualcomm aptX Low Latency codecs, The light in the center indicates what type of codec you’re currently using, and they can be swapped with just a button press. There’s even an internal mic so you can chat during games.

The HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter comes in many colors to match your Joy-Con colorway, and at only $30, it’s one of the best options for connecting your wireless headphones to your Switch. The only major downside is that it can’t be used with most Switch protective cases. So you’ll have to expose your Switch to the elements to get this to attach properly during portable play. Other than that, you’re looking at the best Bluetooth adapter money can buy.


  • Dual-channel audio
  • Internal mic
  • Can adjust the Codec frequency
  • Compatible with other devices
  • Available in different colors


  • Can’t fit over protective cases

Best for Overall

HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter for Nintendo Switch

A great Bluetooth adapter

The HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter is a handy device that works exceptionally well, though you’ll have to get rid of your protective case if you’re playing on the go.

Best Value: ZIOCOM Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch

The ZICOM Bluetooth Adapter looks like a tiny Switch on its own and plugs right into the bottom of your Switch or through a USB passthrough if you’re playing docked. Measuring in at just under two inches wide, a little bigger than the others on this list, but not by much. There’s no charging necessary either, as it is powered through the system itself. Once plugged in, a pair of LED lights turn on to indicate that your connection is active.

The ZIOCOM also supports dual-channel audio, which means both player one and player two can have their own private chat channel. The buttons on the left and right control of the device control the mic for players one and two respectively. Despite having your own chat channel, the ZIOCOM Bluetooth Adapter does not have an internal mic, so you’ll have to find another means of communication if you’re planning on chatting during multiplayer games.

It can also be used while the Switch is in a protective case, which is a big deal for those who take their systems on the go. Overall, the ZIOCOM is a handy Bluetooth adapter and costs only $25. Plus it looks like a little Switch, and that’s really cute.


  • Great price and design
  • Dual-channel audio
  • Can fit over most protective cases
  • Compatible with other devices


  • No internal mic

Best Value

ZIOCOM Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch

The best value Bluetooth adapter

The ZIOCOM Bluetooth Adapter is a great value-priced way to enjoy your wireless headphones on your Nintendo Switch.

Best Premium : Genki Bluetooth Adapter

Advertised as the first Bluetooth for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, the Genki Bluetooth Adapter is a product of a successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign and comes with a mic adapter, a dock adapter, a somewhat ugly looking sticker, and the Genki adapter, which plugs directly into the Switch’s USB-C port or the dock using the adapter. Like the other adapters on our list, this one supports dual-channel audio, which means that two people can tune in and listen in. It also features an internal mic, perfect for talking trash online. The BlueTooth 5.0 adapter is equipped with aptX high fidelity low latency codecs to ensure the best audio.

It’s a really simple device to use, probably the most seamless of every device on the list, and the added adapters make hooking things up really easy. The Genki also supports Ps4, PC, Mac, and Android devices and comes with a nice case to keep all of your dongles together when not in use. The only major downside is that this adapter is significantly more expensive, selling at a whopping $50.

The Genki is a quality device, it’s easy to use, and very accessible. The lack of cords is great for those with limited space, and it works with most protective cases, so playing on the go shouldn’t be a problem. The downside to its ease of use is its not-so-easy price tag, but if you’ve got the money to spare, this is a great device well worth the money.


  • No cords necessary
  • Compatible with other devices
  • Comes with a handy case
  • Dual-channel audio


  • Premium price tag

Best Premium

Genki Bluetooth Adapter

The best Premium Bluetooth adapter

This Bluetooth adapter is a slick, easy-to-use device that comes with a hefty price tag.

Best for Portable Play: UGREEN Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch

The UGreen Bluetooth Adapter is unique in that it’s the only adapter that doesn’t utilize the Switch’s USB-C port when playing portable. It instead makes use of the headphone jack at the top of your device. It’s a dual-channel device and supports Bluetooth 5.0, just like the other adapters on this list, and is easy to install and use.

The UGreen Bluetooth Adapter is meant for portable play and can hold eight hours of battery life off of a two-hour charge. However, that’s also one of the downsides to this device — it’s only meant for portable use and doesn’t work at all if your system is docked. While this limits its use on the normal Nintendo Switch, it’s not a deal-breaker at all if you use a Nintendo Switch Lite.

While the UGREEN Bluetooth Adapter is handy and easy to use, it’s limited in a few key departments. It can’t be used during docked play, and it also covers the Game Card slot, so you’ll have to unplug it to swap your physical game cartridges. This isn’t much of a problem if you play only digital games and only own a Switch Lite, but if you find yourself outside of those two parameters, you may have some trouble.


  • Simple to use
  • Works well with the Switch Lite
  • Dual-channel audio


  • Covers the Game Card slot
  • Can’t be used in Docked mode
  • Doesn’t support other devices

Best for Portable Play

UGREEN Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch

The best Bluetooth adapter for portable play

While there are some drawbacks, the UGREEN Bluetooth adapter is great for users who primarily play their Switch on the go.

Turn up the volume

These are the best Bluetooth Adapters. If you have a great pair of wireless headphones it’s only natural that you’d want to use them on your Nintendo Switch. All of these Bluetooth Adapters are good choices, but our overall pick is the ZIOCOM Bluetooth Adapter.

It’s easy to use, offers dual-channel audio, and can fit over protective cases, which is a nice addition when you’re handheld. It doesn’t have an internal mic, but voice chat is already cumbersome to use as it is, so chances are you’ll be using another app to chat anyway.

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