Review: Dress up your Apple Watch with Goldenerre Crystal Pavé Link Band

Some days you need to bring the bling

Goldenerre Crystal Pavé Link Band for the Apple Watch takes your Apple Watch from a functional fitness tool to elegant jewelry. Each band has 820 tiny crystals to beautify your Apple Watch. The band is made from solid brass with a nickel-free metal plating in either Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold. I have fairly sensitive skin, and I had no issues wearing this watch band. The band fits every generation Apple Watch and comes in both sizes.

Bottom line: Elevate the look of your Apple Watch with this radiant, crystal-encrusted link band.

The Good

  • Sparkly and pretty band
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Very easy to adjust for size; no tools needed
  • Comes in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold tones
  • Made for every Apple Watch generation and size

The Bad

  • One of my adaptors arrived flawed
  • Pricey

$148 at Amazon
$148 at Goldenerre


Goldenerre Crystal Pavé Link Band for the Apple Watch: What I like

I wear my Apple Watch all day, every day, and that includes dressy and formal occasions. When I dress up, I like to dress up my Apple Watch as well, to go with my outfit. This beauty fits the bill, going perfectly with cocktail attire. Heck, I’ll even pair it with jeans and a nicer top to elevate a smart casual style.

It’s not easy to capture this band’s sparkle in photos, especially during a heavy gray Northern US winter, but I tried to capture some rare sunbeams so you can how it shines. With 820 crystals in each band, it’s a lot of bling. But the tiny crystals give it a very subtle shine; it doesn’t feel garish or loud at all. There are no crystals on the inside of the band to irritate the wrist. Each part of the band has a subtle curve to it, so it hugs the wrist. This band is quite comfortable to wear.

The Goldenerre Crystal Pavé Link Band for the Apple Watch is easily adjustable for size with four removable links; you won’t need any tools to put them on or take them off. The links allow you to adjust the band size from 5.25 to 7.5 inches around. You can get extra links if you need to make the band larger than that. The link you can’t remove has Goldenerre and the sun logo engraved (very tiny) on it.

The open circles are large enough to fit the Apple Watch aesthetically but lightweight with an almost lacy look, so it doesn’t feel or look heavy at all.

Tiny flaw

Goldenerre Crystal Pavé Link Band for the Apple Watch: What I don’t like

I’ve owned quite a few Apple Watch bands and come across this issue many times: the middle “button” of the Apple Watch adaptor gets sort of puffy after a few uses, making it more difficult to get onto the Apple Watch. You could just press down on it when you’re putting the band on your Apple Watch. It’s not a huge deal, but it is an annoyance, especially on an expensive Apple Watch band. I reached out to the company, and Goldenerre offered to send me either new adaptors or a whole new band—which they will do for ANY customer (not just reviewers)—whether the band was purchased on Amazon or Goldenerre’s website.

The competition

The Goldenerre Classic Link Bracelet is very similar to the Crystal Pavé Link Band, only without the crystals. It’s still very jewelry-like, just slightly less dressy. It’s also a bit cheaper.

The Wearlizer Rhinestone X-Link Apple Watch Band is another pretty band with a bit of bling. It’s quite a lot cheaper than either of the Goldenerre bands and comes in several colorways. Similar to the Goldenerre bands, it’s easily adjustable without tools. Just add or remove links as needed.

Goldenerre Crystal Pavé Link Band for the Apple Watch: Should you buy

You should buy this if …

You like bling

With 820 crystals set into this band, you’ll definitely be making a statement when you wear it.

You want a dressy look

I’m considering wearing this band to my daughter’s wedding; it’s so gorgeous. I do wear it with jeans and nicer tops to dress up a smart-casual outfit.

You hate dealing with tools

Many link bracelet Apple Watch bands require jeweler’s tools to adjust for size. Not this one. Adding and removing links is as easy as clasping and unclasping a bracelet.

You should not buy this if …

You’re on a tight budget

There’s no denying that this is an expensive Apple Watch band.

You mind a slight adaptor defect

It’s pretty annoying that you have to press down on the middle button to get one of the adaptors to work. It’s only an issue on one side, and I’m sure it won’t be the case for everyone. I just got “lucky.” If yours is similarly defective, Goldenerre will replace it free of charge.

This isn’t your style

Obviously, this look isn’t going to appeal to everyone.

The Goldenerre Crystal Pavé Link Band for the Apple Watch is a beautiful band, truly a piece of jewelry. It’s a great way to accessorize your Apple Watch with a bit of glamour.

out of 5

Goldenerre’s Crystal Pavé Link Band for the Apple Watch is pretty, dressy, and a little bit glitzy. It is on the pricey side, which makes it rather annoying that one of my adaptors is funky. Goldenerre is sending me a replacement band, which they do for all of their customers (whether the purchase was made on Amazon or on Goldenerre’s site.) I love the look of this band, especially when the light hits it just so. The gentle curve of each circle lets this band hug the wrist. Plus, it’s substantial yet lightweight, making it comfortable to wear. I’m all for the sporty look when I’m hitting the gym, but when I dress up, I want my Apple Watch to look coordinated. This band is a great way to do that.

Bottom line: This glamorous beauty adorned with 820 crystals elevates your Apple Watch.

$148 at Amazon
$148 at Goldenerre

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