Useful iPhone Tips You Might Not Know

There seem to be an endless number of iPhone tips and tricks to share, and that’s because Apple’s smartphones are so feature rich that it’s impossible to keep up with everything they’re capable of. We’ve rounded up some useful tips and hacks in our latest video, so check them out to see if there’s something you didn’t know about.

  • Swipe to Numbers with Keyboard – If you press and hold on the number key and then swipe up to type the number that you want, when you release a finger, it will go back to the main keyboard so there’s no need to tap twice to get a number character.
  • Create Perfect Shapes in Notes – If you draw a shape in Notes or anywhere else the Markup interface is available, it will morph into a perfect shape. So if you need a visual aid like a circle, draw a wonky version and the ‌iPhone‌ or iPad will fix it right up.
  • Check your iPhone Warranty – Open up the Settings app, tap “General,” choose “About,” and then tap on the “Warranty” entry to see your warranty information for your device.
  • Use Your Apple Watch as a Viewfinder – The Camera Remote app on the Apple Watch activates the front or rear camera of your ‌iPhone‌ so you can use your Apple Watch as a handy viewfinder. If you take your watch off and wrap it around your ‌iPhone‌, you can use the rear camera while also seeing yourself, which is useful for vlogging.
  • Combine Images with a Shortcut – You can use an app to combine images, but it’s easier to use a simple shortcut. Open Shortcuts and tap “+” to add a new one. Type in “Photos” and choose “Select ‌Photos‌” for the first action. For the second, search for “Combine” and select “Combine Images.” Change the details to say “Combine ‌Photos‌” and “In a Grid.” After that, search for “Save” and choose “Save to Photo Album.” You can make it fancier with extra steps, but this is all you need to select a series of photos and have them arranged in a grid formation, with the final result saved to the ‌Photos‌ app. There are also third-party shortcuts that you can use.
  • Auto Schedule Low Power Mode – You can create a quick shortcut for turning on Low Power Mode when the battery dips to a specific level. In the Shortcuts app, create a new Automation, and start out by choosing “Battery Level.” From there, select your desired percent. For the next action, search for and choose “Low Power Mode.” Deselect “Ask Before Running,” and the next time your ‌iPhone‌ battery drops to the target level, Low Power Mode will activate automatically.
  • Find Out What Song is Playing – If you want to know what music is playing you can ask Siri, but if you want to know what song is in a video on your ‌iPhone‌ or what song your device is playing, there’s a Shazam Music Recognition option that you can add to Control Center.
  • AirDrop to Any Device – If you use, you can “AirDrop” a file from one device to another, even non-Apple devices. This isn’t Apple’s AirDrop, but it’s basically the same thing and it allows for super quick data transfers even if you have a PC or Android phone. It’s as simple as opening up the website on both devices and drag and drop the file.

Have a favorite lesser-known ‌iPhone‌ trick that we didn’t list here? Let us know in the comments.
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