Keep your iPhone 12 slim and trim with one of these thin cases

Anyone who appreciates a good pair of snug-fitting jeans knows the battle of trying to stuff a bulky iPhone case into the back pocket. That’s why many people prefer a slim iPhone 12 case that provides just the right combination of drop protection and sleek appearance. If this sounds like something you need to get in on, you’re in luck. We’ve put together this handy list of the best iPhone 12 thin cases you’ll find on the interweb.

Clearly simple

TORRAS Crystal Clear

Staff Pick

When it comes to thin cases, my go-to is always the clear choice. Why not show off the sleek lines of the iPhone 12 in all its natural beauty? The TORRAS Crystal Clear Case provides basic protection in a slim, clear profile that won’t yellow over time.

$20 at Amazon

Classy good looks

ESR Premium Leather Case

You thought leather cases had to be thick and bulky? Think again! The ESR Premium Leather Case is slim, trim, and classy to behold. The genuine black leather is smooth and lightweight, with raised edges around the screen and camera for protection.

$26 at Amazon$45 at Newegg

Next-level protection

OtterBox Symmetry Series

Although OtterBox is not known for producing slim cases, the Symmetry Series is the slimmest in their lineup. It’s not quite as thin as some others on this list, but this case will provide the best military-grade drop protection you could ask for in a slim profile.

$50 at Amazon$60 at Best Buy

Screen protector included

i-Blason Cosmo Series

If you like a case with a little bling, you’ll love this shiny number from i-Blason. The flashy geometric pattern is cute and eye-catching, but this case also packs in a little bit of extra protection in the way of a built-in screen protector.

$22 at Amazon

Original silicone

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

If you have a bit of budget to work with, the original Silicone Case from Apple is an old crowd favorite. The supple, grippy material feels lovely to the touch and provides good drop protection at the same time. This one also comes with built-in MagSafe compatibility for all your MagSafe accessories.

$49 at Apple$49 at Amazon$49 at Walmart

Budget silicone

ESR Cloud Series

The ESR Cloud Series is an inexpensive alternative to the Apple Silicone Case. It has the same soft, supple feel and a range of colors to choose from. This one does not incorporate MagSafe compatibility, however.

$14 at Amazon

Kickstand FTW!

TORRAS MoonClimber

Love to use your iPhone 12 hands-free? This is the case for you! The TORRAS MoonClimber is a clear case with a built-in kickstand that you can use to prop up the phone in both horizontal and vertical positions. It also provides good basic protection for the iPhone.

$22 at Amazon

Clear and practical

Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

If you have an Apple Leather Wallet or other MagSafe accessories, you’ll want a case that ensures maximum compatibility with those accessories. Your best bet is to buy an original MagSafe case that’s certified by Apple, like this clear case that’s slim and simple in appearance.

$49 at Apple$49 at Amazon$49 at Best Buy

Jeans-Pocket Approved

Stop doing that pocket wrestle and choose one of these iPhone 12 thin cases. We appreciate a simple clear case like the TORRAS Crystal Clear, which offers basic protection and lets the beauty of the iPhone 12 shine through. This is an especially attractive option if your iPhone 12 is rocking that beautiful new green colorway.

If you need more robust military-grade protection, then the OtterBox Symmetry won’t disappoint. No matter how rough you treat your iPhone, the thin Symmetry Series will keep it safe and sound. Take your time to look over all the options and choose the one that best fits you and your iPhone 12.

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