The Super Mario World soundtrack has been totally re-worked by fans

Fans can now listen to the soundtrack like they never have before.

What you need to know

  • Fans of Nintendo’s Super Mario World have begun to compile uncompressed, re-built versions of the game’s songs.
  • The key song samples required have been retrieved from the recent Gigaleak of internal Nintendo information.
  • It is unknown whether Nintendo will comment on the situation.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, for all its greatness, only had 64 kilobytes of RAM to work with. This meant that developers could not produce the grand orchestral scores we’re accustomed to in modern games, and instead did what they could with funky chip-tune music that has aged brilliantly.

Some fans of one of the best selling games on the SNES, Super Mario World, wanted to hear for themselves what the original development team at Nintendo were envisioning when they created one of the most iconic soundtracks in video game history. Several of these tracks can already be found in a playlist on Brickster’s YouTube channel. Other contributors include Moola, unknown and michael02022, who are all working together with Brickster to track down the original music samples used in Super Mario World and rebuild the songs, resulting in a completely uncompressed work of art.

As Brickster details in his on-going Twitter thread, the new samples he was able to rebuild along with the other contributors were found within the recent leak of Nintendo’s internal information and game code, known colloquially as the “Gigaleak”. Onlookers have been particularly enthralled with the progress of Brickster’s project, as it contributes to video game music preservation, which Nintendo has not seemed particularly concerned with.

Many video game developers have gone so far as to place the original soundtracks of their games on streaming services such as Spotify, something Nintendo has yet to do. For those who wish to listen to the original soundtracks of Nintendo’s games, they will have to make do with the odd soundtrack CD that Nintendo offers as a bonus to some special editions of their games now and then.

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