Is Among Us on the Nintendo Switch sus?

Best answer: Yes, there are some minor and major differences on the Switch version that may determine where you make your purchase.

  • On Nintendo Switch: Among Us ($5 on Nintendo eShop)
  • On PC: Among Us ($5 on Steam)
  • On your Android: Among Us (Free download on Play Store)
  • On your iPhone: Among Us (Free download on Apple Store)

A new way to play Among Us

Among Us, the breakout mobile hit of 2020, took the world by storm with its addictive social deduction gameplay, reminiscent of party games like Mafia or Werewolf. Players must work together and complete tasks as they try to stay one step ahead of the Imposter lurking among them. It even won Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer Game at the Game Awards 2020. And like all great indie games, they eventually make their way to Nintendo’s hybrid handheld, the Nintendo Switch.

Announced during December’s Indie World showcase, Among Us is now available to download on the Nintendo Switch. This, of course, begs the question — is the Nintendo Switch version worth the download or is it sus? Well, the answer is somewhat complicated. This is pretty much the same game as it was on PC and mobile, with a few changes that may be significant enough to sway your purchase.

Looks like Among Us, taste like Among Us, must be Among Us

The Nintendo Switch version of Among Us marks the game’s first appearance on a home console. The Nintendo Switch version looks and runs great in both handheld and docked mode and is priced at a very affordable $5 — the same amount it cost on PC. The cheapest option is still on mobile, where it is still free.

You can also play with players on other platforms as well, which is always a nice bonus. However, you will need Nintendo Switch Online to get online. This is a multiplayer game after all.

A lack of control, for better or worse

On its surface, Among Us on Switch looks identical to other versions, but the differences start to crop up when you actually start to play. The first thing you’ll notice are the controls. There are touch controls for the menu options if you’re playing handheld, but control of your astronaut is regulated to either your Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller. There are also no single Joy-Con options. Considering how simple Among Us is to play, I’m surprised that some seemingly obvious control schemes were omitted.

The use of a controller changes how easy or difficult some of the tasks are.

The use of a controller changes how easy or difficult some of the tasks are. The infamous Card Swipe task can now be controlled by spinning the control stick, and it’s remarkably easier to complete. Other tasks like the Fix Wiring tasks, cannot be completed with touch controls at all and is more difficult to complete. Touch screen control can still be used to complete most tasks, if you’re playing handheld, but are still easily completed with a button press most of the time.

When compared to the PC and mobile version, I did feel that movement was much easier on the Switch, and doing something fairly complex, like killing someone and venting out the other end of the room, was much easier on the Switch. However, the worst change occurs during the discussion phase, and this may determine whether the Switch version of Among Us is right for you.

I have no mouth and I must accuse

Among Us is a game where you must argue, debate, collect clues, and shout accusations. The Nintendo Switch version has no voice chat option not unlike other versions, but the text option is slow, and those precious seconds typing out a response with your controller can make a huge difference in whether your crew keeps you around or sends you hurtling through space or into a volcano.

Communication is key to playing Among Us, and right now it’s a bit clunky on the system. You can use the touch screen to type while playing in handheld mode, but it still pales in comparison to typing on your phone or your PC.

Where’s my silly suits?

Another glaring difference between this version of Among Us and the PC and mobile version are the lack of cosmetics. Unlike the PC version of the game, spending $5 doesn’t get you any suits or different hats. In fact, there’s no cosmetic store on the Nintendo Switch version at all, which means you can’t buy pets, hats, or suits either. I would have thought that the Nintendo Switch version would at least have the same outfit selection as the PC version, considering it costs the same amount.

Is the Nintendo Switch version of Among Us worth playing?

Among Us is first and foremost a mobile game, and works best on your phone or tablet. The PC version does a good job at emulating the mobile version’s features while offering the comfort of a keyboard and mouse and a big screen. The Nintendo Switch version is almost like a combination of the two. The game works well in both docked and handheld, and the option to play with those across platforms is still there. But the cumbersome text options leave alot to be desired.

The Nintendo Switch version comes with its own set of pros and cons, but the biggest problem is that it’s difficult to communicate, which puts Switch players at a huge disadvantage when it comes to one of the most important parts of the game. It might be unfair to call the Nintendo Switch version the “worst” version, as it’s mostly identical to its PC and mobile counterparts in almost every other regard. It’s just a shame that such an important part of the game has become super clunky on the system. With that being said, no matter what version you choose to play on, you’re getting one of the best party games available on any system.

Try to make it out alive

Among Us

$5 on Nintendo eShop
$5 on Steam
Free download on Play Store
Free download on App Store

Don’t get caught

Among Us lands on the Nintendo Switch and is still just as fun to play as the other versions, even if communication is a big problem.

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