ACNH: Thanks to new Reactions we can finally sit next to our villagers

We can finally sit on the ground next to our villagers or work out with them in the plaza!

There are new ways to express yourself in Animal Crossing thanks to the new Winter Update that just dropped. It doesn’t take much work to unlock the Hip Reaction Collection, but you’ll definitely be happy when you do. This batch of eight new Reactions allows you to sit on the ground next to your villagers, excercise, have your character take pictures with their phone, and more.

Here’s how to unlock the Hip Reaction Collect as well as a look at what each of the eight emotes looks like.

Animal Crossing Hip Reaction Collection How to unlock it

This collection costs 2,700 Nook Miles to acquire. If you need help getting more tickets, check out our Nook Miles guide.

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the Winter Update, head over to Resident Services and interact with the green kiosk.
  2. Next select Reedeem Nook Miles.
  3. Now scroll down to Hip Reaction Collection.
  4. Make the purchase.
  5. After you purchase the Reactions, simply press the ZR button bring up the Reaction wheel.
  6. Then press the Y Button to bring up the full Reaction Menu.
  7. Select the Reaction you wish to use and your avatar will react accordingly.

By the way, more Animal Crossing hairstyles can also be purchased from the kiosk at Resident Services, like the one I’m sporting in these pictures.

Hip Reaction Collection All 8 new reactions

There are eight new Reactions in this collection total. I’ve listed them in the order they appear in the game.

Sit Down

You can finally plop down next to your favorite villagers and rest your backs against a tree together. It’s so picturesque, isn’t it?

Wave Goodbye

We now have a designated way to say TTFN to our animal neighbors or visiting friends.

Take a Picture

Your avatar whips out their phone and proceeds to take pictures of what ever is in front of them. If a villager happens to be in range, they will react to your attention. Blathers here was rather bashful in the spotlight.

Sniff Sniff

We now have the perfect emote for when we notice an exciting new lilly on our islands or when we want to praise our friend’s flower garden. Just a few clicks and you’ll stop and smell the roses.

Work Out

Instead of staring creepily at our villagers when they are busy working out together in the Resident Services plaza we can now jump in and stretch alongside them. This emote specifically has you alternating sides as you stretch your arms over your head.


When you get up early on your island, head out to the beach and watch the sun rise while in the Warrior II Pose. It makes for a picturesque scene, that’s for sure.

Here You Go

When you have something you want to give to a friend or one of your favorite villagers, just pull this emote out of your pocket. Radiant circles appear around your head and any villager nearby will react to your enthusiasm.


Glittering sparkles appear near your eyes and you wiggle both your fists and your hips around in excitement.


When you have something you want to show off to your friends pull this fun emote out. Sparkles fly out in front of you as you wave your hands about excitedly.

Animal Crossing Hip Reaction Collection

Once you have access to all of those new emotes, you’ll be able to interact with your villagers or your friend even more effectively than before. Have fun expressing yourself.

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