This could be what your next pair of AirPods looks like

What you need to know

  • Apple is expected to launch refreshed AirPods within the next few months.
  • This concept shows what they could look like.

This concept is based on previous leaks.

Apple is expected to launch revised AirPods as soon as the first few months of next year and rumors have them looking similar to AirPods Pro. It’s difficult to really visualize things like this. though – that’s why concept images can be so great.

The team at AppleDsign has shared a new image to Instagram that shows what they think the new AirPods will look like come refresh time. And it’s fair to say that they look pretty good!

The AirPods Pro-like design is easy to see here, although there’s no space for the removable ear tips that we’ve also seen rumored in recent months. Despite the similarities, the updated AirPods – AirPods 3, if we’re counting – don’t expect these things to cost anywhere near AirPods Pro money.

What do you think to this new concept? Let us know in the comments – would you upgrade to these?

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