Order HomePod mini today and you might be waiting until mid-January

What you need to know

  • Ordering a HomePod mini now could see you waiting until the middle of January for it to arrive.

You might have more luck finding one for collection in-store.

Apple’s HomePod mini is proving popular if social media and early reviews are anything to go by, but if you still haven’t placed an order you might have already missed the boat. Especially if you wanted to get one in for Christmas.

A check of Apple’s online stores suggests that there could be a hefty wait for anyone placing a HomePod mini right now. In the UK, delivery won’t happen until the middle of January for a lot of people while it’s a slightly better story in the United States – it’ll be the middle of December for you.

Anyone who really wants to get their hands on a new HomePod mini as soon as possible might have more luck trying to find one at a local store that they can order and then pick up themselves. Some UK stores have stock available for same-day collection, while others can get one ready in just a couple of days. Stock seems more sparse in terms of physical Apple Stores in other countries, however.

It’s always difficult to tell whether these kinds of delivery estimates mean a device is hugely popular or if it’s just a case of smaller numbers being manufactured than were required. It won’t matter to anyone having to wait weeks for their new smart speaker to land on their doorstep, of course.

Do you have a new HomePod mini? Let me know if you’re a fan in the comments below!

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