Google wants you to help it pick the next Chrome for Mac icon

What you need to know

  • Google released a new version of Chrome for macOS Big Sur yesterday, before pulling it.
  • The update will land today, complete with a new icon.
  • Google is already considering further icon changes and it wants your input.

Which icon best fits macOS Big Sur?

Google briefly released and then pulled a new Chrome update yesterday, designed to work natively on M1-powred Macs. But alongside that we also saw a new icon, specifically designed to look right at home on macOS Big Sur. But it seems Google isn’t set on that icon just yet – and your input is required.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Google Chrome designer @elvin_not_11 shared three example icons that Google continues to work on, asking for user input at the same time.

So which is it? It would have to be “C” for me, but I honestly like them all. Judging by the responses it doesn’t look like there’s much love for the first option, likely thanks to its Very Flat Look.

Really, it’s up for a matter of debate as to whether it really matters which icon Chrome uses. I’d be more interested in a Chrome that won’t destroy my Mac’s RAM and battery life, to be honest. But I’ll take a macOS Big Sur icon, for now , I suppose.

Which icon is your favorite and why? Sound out in the comments, and don’t forget to reply to that Twitter thread, too.

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