HomePod minis are arriving around the world

What you need to know

  • Apple’s HomePod mini is now on sale and some orders are beginning to land on doorsteps.

Small speakers that pack a punch.

Apple’s HomePod mini is now available and those who got their pre-orders in last week have started to have them arrive at their homes. Both White and Space Gray colors are shipping and a number of people have taken to Twitter to post pictures of their new smart speaker.

Now that more people are starting to receive their speakers we’re also beginning to get a more rounded perspective for how HomePod mini sounds. The general consensus seems to be that the speaker sounds great, considering its small size.

Someone even made a pretty sweet stand for their HomePod mini – no slapping it onto a table for them!

If there’s one complaint I’ve heard it’s that the smaller form factor means HomePod mini is slightly lacking in bass, especially compared with the bass-heavy, larger HomePod.

Do you have a new HomePod mini and if so, how are you finding it? Mine just arrived but is going to stay nice and cozy in its box for a little while longer.

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