MogoSpend digital spending account now supports Apple Pay

Mogo Inc., a Canadian financial technology company, has announced that its digital spending account, MogoSpend, which comes with a Mogo Visa Platinum Prepaid Card, now supports Apple Pay and is available at the Apple App Store.

David Feller, President & CEO of Mogo, says MogoSpend is the first product of its kind designed to help Canadians improve their financial health and the health of the planet through better spending control and automatic carbon offsetting. He says that it helps users achieve a zero debt and zero CO2 lifestyle by automatically offsetting one pound of CO2 for every dollar spent.

MogoSpend was built as a mobile-first experience and designed to help users be more mindful of their spending. Every time a purchase is made, the member automatically receives a notification showing the amount spent, where they spent it, their updated balance and how much CO2 they’ve offset. It also gives members the ability to track their spending by month so they can see their progress, including a three-month average spend.