Bring a splash of Xbox to your island with these Animal Crossing items

There are also some cool Xbox cushions and controllers!

If you, like the rest of us, have fallen in love with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, then you’ll certainly have spent some time dressing up your character and decorating! Yesterday, we told you about some incredible Pokémon outfits that meant you could dress your character up like Ash! Today, we’ve got a splash of Xbox for you.

Twitter User Olda Robot, who’s a Mixer partner over at Microsoft, has created a whole wardrobe of Mixer-inspired clothing, to bring a taste of Xbox and streaming to your character.

Not only has Olda created a series of cool hats and t-shirts, but also hoodies and tees as well!

And, if that wasn’t enough Xbox for your island, another Twitter user by the name of @VIDEO1_ has created some Xbox branded hats and even an Xbox console and controllers that come in the form of cushions!

All of the custom design codes are listed in the tweets above for these items, and adding them is really simple!

How do I add custom designs?

Once you’ve opened the Able Sisters’ Shop and have a paid Nintendo Switch Online Account, you can upload custom designs with ease. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Able Sisters’ Shop.
  2. Head to the Custom Kiosk in the back corner.
  3. Press A to open the Kiosk Menu.

  4. Select “Search by Creator ID” if you would like to add several designs or “Search by Design ID” if you would like to add just one or two.

  5. Enter in either the Creator ID number or the individual Design ID number.

  6. If you searched for a Design ID, press A to save the design to one of your Pro Design slots.
  7. If you searched for a Creator, press A on the Design you want to save.
  8. Then press A to save the Design.

  9. Press B to return to the list of Designs by that Creator.

  10. Repeat until you have saved all the Designs you want.

  11. When finished, press B to leave the Kiosk.

  12. Select “All done!”

How do I wear my new custom designs?

Once you’ve saved all the custom designs you want, equipping them is super easy. Just follow these steps to dress up:

  1. Press ZL to open up your Nook phone menu.
  2. Select the Custom Designs icon (it has a shirt and a pencil) to open the Custom Designs menu.

  3. Press R to access your Pro Designs.

  4. Press A on the custom design you wish to wear.

  5. Repeat.

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