Make sure your iPhone 11 Pro Max is never on low battery!

Battery cases are not limited to a specific group of people. If you ever find yourself needing to carry a charger with you when you leave your house, then a battery case can benefit you. We compiled a list of our favorite battery cases for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, we have one that shines brighter than any other. The BX11 Pro Max by Alpatronix is literally the whole package! If you are looking for great battery life, protection on all sides, wireless charging, and CarPlay compatibility, this is the case to check all of your boxes.

Best Overall: BX11 Pro Max by Alpatronix

This is the best overall product but also the best overall deal. For the cost of this case, you will get an impressive battery case, a tempered glass screen protector, and a warranty just in case you don’t love everything about it.

The capabilities on display are outstanding. It’s capable of everything the Apple case is without the hefty price tag. Whether you use Qi wireless charging, CarPlay, or even the screen protector, you’re not going to pay extra.

With all of the capabilities and features of this case, it was hard to find any negative attributes. However, it can’t be a pros and cons list without at least one con. If we were to choose one, it would be that the phone only comes in black. That being said, this allows you to personalize it yourself with some cool sticker decals or enjoy the simplicity of the blackness.


  • 5000mAh battery capacity
  • Qi wireless charging-compatible
  • CarPlay compatible
  • Easy install
  • Full protection with included screen protector


  • One color option: black

Best Overall

BX11 Pro Max by Alpatronix

The Whole Package

The best was yet to come… and here it is!

Best Value: Smiphee Rechargeable Battery Case

This case isn’t just there for bringing you more hours of social media time; the Smiphee case will also protect all sides and the back of your device. However, with an equivalent of 21 hours of video playback or 84 hours audio playback, it’s already an awesome supporting gadget.

You don’t lose any capabilities with this case; it will only add seemingly endless hours of entertainment. It is compatible with all the original earbuds and AirPods and charging cables.

The only problems with this case are that it doesn’t support wireless charging or car charging. However, you can use your wireless chargers on your phone and charge the case separately if you want. Also, with this case, you should not need your car charger anymore. No more having to charge your phone every chance you get.


  • Protection on sides and back
  • Easy install
  • Great reviews
  • 5000mAh battery capacity
  • Works with Apple cables


  • No wireless charging
  • Does not support car chargers or high voltage chargers
  • Not compatible with CarPlay
  • One color option: black

Best Value

Smiphee Rechargeable Battery Case

The Whole Package

With double the battery, you can have double the fun without doubling the cost!

Best Lightweight Option: Lonlif Battery Case

With these kinds of reviews, you know its a good and reliable case. At only 6.2 ounces, it is the lightest case we have on this list. However, its weight doesn’t hinder dual application of protecting your phone but adding some extra power when you need it. This case even has a bezeled front to protect the screen to a certain extent.

It is advertised to add an extra 20 hours of video playback time or 71 hours of audio playback time. So while it may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other cases on our list, it will provide you with some extra quality time on your device.


  • 5000mAh
  • Protection for sides back and raised front to protect the screen
  • Easy install
  • Lightweight


  • CarPlay is not compatible
  • Car chargers are not supported
  • One color option: black

Best Lightweight Option

Lonlif Battery Case

Lightweight champ

Float like a butterfly…well you know the rest. This is the perfect case for those who don’t want to know it’s there.

Best Alternative: Apple Smart Battery Case

If you are a diehard Apple fan, then this was probably not your alternate choice, and we totally get that. Apple products are sleek, explicitly designed for each other, and just pretty great all around. However, that doesn’t come without the cost of an Apple product. This battery case will without-a-doubt work with any feature your phone has, and it advertises a 50% longer battery life.

Apple has incorporated some pretty cool features too. The percentage of battery your case has will show up on your lock screen and in the notification center so you will never be caught off guard. Apple is always out to impress.


  • Three color options: black, pink and white
  • Qi-compatible charging
  • CarPlay compatible
  • Car charger compatible
  • Will show battery status of the case on your phone screen


  • Cost
  • Only 50% extra battery life

Best Alternative

Apple Smart Battery Case

Apple Juice!

We can’t deny the beauty and simplicity of using an Apple product.

Best Color Options : Moonmini Battery Case

What a breath of fresh air. Maybe it’s just us, but being able to have an aesthetic look with our devices is an important feature, and Moonmini has everything covered in that department. Its cases range from 5000mAh to 6000mAh, so there is no shortage of extra battery life.

While there are so many more options for color and adding more personality to your device than other options on this list, Moonmini doesn’t brag of any other features. The battery capacity is right up there with the other options, and so is the normal bumper-case protectiveness. However, with these cases, you may tend to be more protective of them as well.


  • Color options
  • Battery capacity 5000-6000mAh
  • Protective on the sides and back


  • No wireless charging
  • No other features

Best Color Options:

Moonmini Battery Case

Color me impressed

If whats on the outside matters more to you regarding phone cases, then this is probably a perfect option.

Best Versatility: Protector Case from Pelican

This may be one of the coolest, more versatile cases we have seen. This case is not only going to protect your phone as much as a rugged case would, but it is also going to charge it, mount it, or do all of those things simultaneously. There are different options for what you mount to the back of this case.

The battery pack is removable, so you don’t always need to carry it around if you want something sleeker. This case advertises a 40-50% additional charge and will only charge your phone wirelessly.


  • Protection with military drop-test standards
  • Qi-compatible charging
  • Does not use the lightning port
  • Compatible with everything your phone is capable of doing
  • Removable battery pack
  • USB port to charge any other devices


  • Only one color option: black

Best Versatility

Protector Case from Pelican

Versatility for days

If you aren’t getting a battery case, because you don’t want the extra bulk, then this case may be the answer.

Bottom line

A battery case requires so much more than a couple of extra hours of phone time. You need it to be convenient for your device, sleek, protective, and reliable. More than anything, you need what is being advertised to be true. That’s why the BX11 Pro Max by Alpatronix is the best option for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Not only does it have anything you could want it to, but it is also backed by a lot of great reviews and a customer support team that prides itself in satisfaction.

When it comes to our phones, we can’t mess around. They are probably one of the essential pieces of technology in our lives, and that’s why you shouldn’t accept anything less than the best.

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Mary DeSpain is a writer at iMore who loves all things Apple and has many years of experience working with and supporting Apple products.