Chinese OLED maker BOE seems confident of future iPhone business

What you need to know

  • BOE has been trying to get an OLED contract with Apple for some time.
  • Quality issues have so far prevented that from happening.
  • Now the company is building production lines ready for iPhone screens.

BOE has its fingers crossed.

BOE, the Chinese firm that has been bidding for Apple’s OLED iPhone display business for some time, seems confident that it’s on to a winner. So confident that it’s begun building production lines that are configured solely to produce Apple’s screens.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that BOE is in the hunt for Apple’s OLED iPhone screen business, but it’s the first time we’ve heard that the company is getting all of its ducks in a row, ready to begin production.

In a new report by ET News and 9to5Mac, it’s never mentioned that Apple has given BOE its business just yet. Nor that BOE has been able to pass Apple’s quality control requirements after issues doing so in the past. But the company does appear to be getting ready to put several eggs in an iPhone-shaped basket by building iPhone-only production lines.

According to the industry, BOE recently decided to invest in OLED module lines exclusively for Apple. It is heard that BOE is planning to construct 10 new module lines at its B11 OLED plant located in Sichuan.

BOE has consistently been making attempts to supply its OLEDs to Apple. Along with the construction of B11 plant, it has been participating in projects for development of OLEDs for iPhones. However, it has yet to supply its OLEDs as its OLED has not satisfied Apple’s strict quality evaluation.

Samsung and LG are currently supplying OLED screens for Apple’s flagship iPhones. BOE already produces LCD screens for Apple’s lower-cost iPhones, so the relationship is very much already there with Apple.