Apple’s relocated Fairview store opens in Toronto on February 29

What you need to know

  • Apple Fairview opens on February 29.
  • The existing store will close two hours early on February 28.
  • The new store will feature Apple’s latest layout.

It may not be moving far, but it’s going to be a big change.

Apple Fairview, Toronto will move from its old and busted location to a hot new one on February 29. Although it won’t be moving far – the new store is next door to the old one.

As spotted by 9to5Mac, the existing store will close two hours early on February 28 and then the new one will open the following day. That new store is actually two stores rolled into one, creating a space that appears to be more than twice the size of the one Apple Fairview has been crammed into since 2008.

The new, larger store will be similar to other recently opened stores, including a new video wall for improved Today at Apple sessions.

Apple has spent plenty of time – and presumably, money – renovating and relocating older Apple Stores around the globe in recent months. I’m sure that Apple Fairview won’t be the last.