Every Animal Crossing amiibo and where to buy them

Animal Crossing amiibos are arguably the most adorable amiibos Nintendo has ever made. With Animal Crossing: New Horizons coming out in less than a month, now is the perfect time to snatch up each of these figures. They’re all compatible with the new Nintendo Switch game to provide perks or in-game help. Here are all the Animal Crossing amiibo you can currently purchase.

Our favorite girl


Staff Pick

Isabelle is one of our favorite Animal Crossing characters. Considering she’s arguably the most iconic character in the series, she’s a must-have amiibo for your collection.

$28 at Amazon

For whom the Bells toll

Tom Nook

Whether you love him or hate him, Animal Crossing wouldn’t be the same without Tom Nook. Shell out some cash to pick him up before shelling out Bells to him in game.

$10 at Amazon

Whoo is this?


This dapper owl features a bowtie and has a pattern on his chest reminiscent of a sweater vest. He’s one of a pair of owls, so don’t forget to get his other half as well.

$12 at Amazon

Heavenly owl


Celeste is one of the cutest Animal Crossing amiibo you can get. Her happy pink color combined with that little smile make her downright adorable.

$10 at Amazon

Double trouble

Timmy & Tommy Nook

Don’t forget to grab Tom Nook’s kids, Timmy and Tommy. These adorable little guys will look cute on any shelf and will help you in game.

$10 at Amazon

Pretty kitty


This friendly guy is just super excited to meet you. He’s dressed to impress and has a smile that’s meant just for you.

$15 at Amazon

Ring out the bells!

Isabelle – Winter Outfit

Isabelle’s looking nice and warm in this long-sleeved jacket. If you’re a huge Isabelle fan, you’re definitely going to want to pick up each of her three amiibos.

$12 at Amazon

Warm days

Isabelle – Summer Outfit

This is the third Isabelle amiibo that you can get, although it’s the toughest to find right now. She’s ready to give you her undivided attention while wearing her best summer clothing.

Prices vary at eBay

Ready and able


This adorable little lady is one of the Able Sisters, best known for helping you pick out clothes for your character. At any rate, she’s stylish and cute all on her own.

$8 at Amazon

Lil’ otter


Look at those adorable eyes. Lottie stares up adoringly with those earnest peepers. I love her cute little bow and her awesome red jacket.

$6 at Amazon

Why so serious?


This bright-colored alpaca has a serious expression on his face, but I guess you would too if you managed a store. Don’t forget to pick up his wife, Reese as well.

$11 at Amazon

Love her to pieces


Compared to Cyrus, Reese has a far more approachable face. She’s sweet and helps her husband run the Re-Tail store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

$10 at Amazon

Such a good boy


Isabelle’s twin brother is as business savvy as he is adorable. He made his debut in New Leaf, but also appears in Pocket Camp. If you’re an Isabelle fan, you should add him to your collection.

$11 at Amazon

Ain’t nothing but a hound dog


K.K. is one cool dude. He’s appeared in all of the Animal Crossing games so far and is likely to be spotted in New Horizons. You’ll rarely every see him without his trusty guitar.

Prices vary at Amazon

Aye aye


Whether it’s a bus, boat, or taxi, Kapp’n is usually spotted behind the wheel. This turtle has been in several different Animal Crossing games. Snap him up while you can.

$11 at Amazon

Walk a mile in his shoes


Kicks is a well-dressed skunk who has sold shoes and socks in past Animal Crossing games. With his obvious fashion sense, you can trust he’ll provided good products for you to choose from.

$9 at Amazon

You saved me


In previous Animal Crossing games, this mole would get rather cross if you turned the game off without saving. He’s been confirmed for New Horizons, but we’re not sure what his role will be.

$14 at Amazon

Welcome to critter country

Animal Crossing amiibos are not only adorable, but they offer in-game perks for various Nintendo games as well. Since these awesome figures will be compatible with New Horizons, now is the perfect time to add them to your collection.

If you haven’t gotten any of them yet, we strongly suggest getting Isabelle. She’s arguably the most iconic character of the bunch and has a happy little smile. Plus this particular amiibo also works with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

If you’ve already got Isabelle you should definitely pick up Tom Nook. This realtor racoon tycoon is integral to each Animal Crossing game and will look great on your shelf.