Apple rolls out “massive” update to its Human Interface Guidelines for Siri

Take Siri to the next level with Apple’s new guidelines.

What you need to know

  • Apple has rolled out new Human Interface Guidelines for Siri.
  • The content is aimed at helping developers bring Siri to their app or HomeKit accessory.
  • Developers can read the documentation on Apple’s developer website.

Siri has just received a huge update in its Human Interface Guidelines. Apple has been rolling out updates periodically to the documentation and recently had updated its guidelines for Sign In With Apple, Apple Pay, and Apple Health. Today, the company has also brought a ton of new content and guidance to Siri.

Reported by 9to5Mac, Apple has rolled out a huge update to the Siri section of its Human Interface Guidelines. Mike Stern, the company’s Platform Experience Manager, announced the update on Twitter.

The update brings a ton of new content including documentation on System Intents, Custom Intents, Shortcuts and Suggestions, and Editorial Guidelines. For developers looking to implement Siri with their app or hardware, these new updates are, according to Stern, a “must-read”.

SiriKit allows developers to bring Siri support to their app or accessory. The Human Interface Guidelines instruct developers on how to implement this integration the most effective way, whether you are trying to bring Siri support to order a coffee in your app, turn your smart light bulb on using HomeKit, or let someone’s iPhone stream music to your smart speaker using AirPlay 2.

If you’d like to read through the new SiriKit guidelines yourself you can do so by visiting Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines page on its developer website.