You will soon be able to share the key to your car through iMessage

Send a message, give someone access to your car.

What you need to know

  • The iOS 13.4 beta 2 shows how you can share your CarKey.
  • A CarKey will be able to be shared through the Messages app.
  • Those who are invited will be able to add your CarKey to the Wallet app on their phone.

When Apple originally released the iOS 13.4 beta it was discovered that the company was working on a new “CarKey” feature that allowed users to store a digital version of their car keys in the Wallet app on their iPhone and Apple Watch. These keys would give users the ability to unlock and start their car with their iPhone or Apple Watch as long as the car was enabled for NFC.

The beta also explained that users would be able to share their CarKey with others to either give permanent or temporary access to their vehicles. Today, Apple revealed exactly how users will be able to share their keys.

Apple released the iOS 13.4 beta 2 today and, as reported by MacRumors, users will be able to share their CarKey with someone directly through the Messages app.

According to the documentation found in the beta, sharing a CarKey through Messages is reserved to individual conversations and will not work for groups.

“CarKey is not available in group conversations. You can send CarKey in conversations with an individual.”

This seems less of a limitation of the feature and more of an intentional decision by Apple. It makes sense to require you to give separate permission to each individual person, especially when your car is involved.

When a person receives an invite to have access to someone’s car, they will be notified as to what kind of access they have been granted.

“(Vehicle Owner) invited you to use their (Vehicle Model)with unlock & drive access. This allows you to use your iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock/lock the car, start the engine and drive.”

There is no defined release date for CarKey but, being that it is in the 13.4 betas, it is reasonable to expect it to roll out with the public version of iOS 13.4.