Don’t panic, your steps will sync when Fitbit’s website comes back online

OMG, are my steps going to count?

What you need to know

  • Fitbit’s website and syncing services are currently down.
  • The problem seems to be affecting North America the most right now.
  • Fitbit support is aware of the issue and is working on a quick resolution.

Can’t get your steps to sync with your Fitbit app? It’s not just you or your devices. Fitbit appears to be offline in much of North America, Europe, and Australia, according to Down Dector.

For the past hour or so, Fitbit has been experiencing some technical issues, and users have reported that they are unable to sync their devices or even log in to the website. According to the official Fitbit Support Twitter account, the team is working frantically to correct the underlying issue and get the site back up and running as soon as possible.

If you are one of the affected users, don’t let this stop you in your tracks. Fitbit’s engineers should have the service up and running soon, and you can get back to conquering your friend step challenges in no time.