Trick out your Polaroid Pop with a few accessories

The Polaroid Pop is an updated take on the bulky instant cameras of yesterday. The slender, quirky Polaroid Pop is one of our favorites for its ease of use and modern design. Ready to accessorize your Pop? We’re ready to help. Here are our most cherished Polaroid Pop accessories this year.

Best case

Polaroid Eva

Staff Favorite

Putting a hulking case on a slim camera doesn’t make sense. That’s part of the reason we appreciate the Polaroid Eva Case. The Eva is rigid enough to protect your camera against drops and dings, but soft enough to cradle the lens and display. The Eva hugs your camera like no other case on the market, and it gives you a little zipped storage pocket for memory cards, chargers, and other accessories. Grab it in black, blue, pink, purple, or white.

$20 at Amazon

Keep the power flowing

AILKIN USB Wall Charger 3-pack

If you’ve lost the charger that came with your Pop or you want to free up outlet space, the AILKIN USB wall chargers will get you back in business. For your money, you’ll get a three-pack of charger adapters, each with two USB plug-ins. Each AILKIN protects your Pop against overcharging and overheating. These adapters are lightweight, travel well, and come in six fun colors to match your camera or your style.

$11 at Amazon

Add a border

Polaroid Premium Zink Border Print Paper

Reinvented and redesigned, Polaroid Premium Zink Border Print Photo Paper resists fading, smudging, tearing, and heat and humidity. This Zink paper comes with a peel-off back. The wide bottom border offers the right amount of space to put notes on pics. Colors come out vivid on Zink paper, and the lack of cartridges or unnecessary packaging reduces waste. This is a 40-pack of Zink paper, but you can also grab a smaller bundle of 10 or 20 sheets.

$40 at Amazon

Best travel case

LTGEM EVA Hard Travel Case

When you travel, you need more than your camera to go along for the ride. You’ll want essential accessories like charging cables and adapters to make the trip, too. For on-the-go photographers, we favor the LTGEM EVA hard case. It’s shockproof and durable and has a handy detachable hand belt. A velvet interior absorbs the bumps of everyday travel and keeps the Pop’s lens and LCD from picking up scratches. There’s enough room in this case for your camera, a portable charger, USB cables, memory cards, and an extra pack of paper.

$15 at Amazon

Skin it

Polaroid Protective Silicone Skin

The Polaroid Protective Silicone Skin adds a bit of grip, a lot of color, and no weight to your Pop. Available in eight bold colors, Polaroid skins slide over the top of your camera and hug the edges, leaving access to controls, the LCD screen, and the printer. The rubberized materials guard your Pop against scuffs while adding the right amount of texture for better handling.

$6 at Amazon

Get a longer cable

AmazonBasics USB Cable

Whether you’ve lost your charging cable or want to extend your reach, AmazonBasics 10 foot USB cable is an inexpensive way to do that. Gold-plated connectors are resistant to corrosion, and the thin, flexible cable design bends easily to fit in travel cases or a drawer. With 10 feet to play with, you can recharge your Pop’s battery anywhere.

$8 at Amazon

Add a pop of color

Polaroid Cover with Strap

Are you looking for a change? The Polaroid Pop Cover is a silicone strap with a matching strap that fits snugly over the printer port. You slide the cover off when you print and slip it back on after. This strap makes carrying your camera a little easier while adding a splash of color. Get it in black, blue, green, coral, white, or bright yellow.

$10 at Amazon

Put your work on display

Polaroid Originals Photo Stands 5-pack

We love the simple design of Polaroid Photo Stands. This bundle comes with a pack of five photo stands. You’ll get a blue, yellow, red, orange, and green stand on which you can display your work. And unlike traditional photo frames, you can pop in a new photo in seconds. They’re sleek, smart, and look great in any room.

$25 at Amazon

Make an album

Fintie Wallet Photo Album

Keep your memories locked away for safekeeping in the Fintie Wallet Photo Album. There are nine color designs. Each album holds 64 films, and can also store credit cards and IDs. The exterior is vegan leather, and PVC picture pockets line the inside. The whole album snaps together with a magnetic fastener. This is a great investment for photographers or to give as a gift.

$13 at Amazon

Add notes to photos

BIC Intesity Markers

Half of the fun of shooting with a Polaroid Pop is sharing your photos with others. These BIC Intensity permanent fine point markers let you go an extra step and leave notes on the bottom border. Label your pictures by date and location, or leave sentiments for loved ones. This is a 36-count pack of markers in every color under the rainbow.

$16 at Amazon

Keep it in memory

Samsung 128GB Micro SDXC EVO Memory Card

Your Polaroid Pop gives you the option to print photos and store them to a memory card so you can upload your adventures to social media or the cloud. When you grab this Samsung 128GB MicroSDXC EVO memory card, you’ll have more than enough space to capture your entire vacation on a card, and then some.

$20 at Amazon

A few parting thoughts

We adore the Polaroid Pop and find it to be one of the most user-friendly instant cameras on the market. We’re also obsessive about accessories. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on a new camera, we think you should do everything you can to protect your investment and make your life easier. The best case going these days is the Polaroid Eva. It has a slim profile, a hard exterior, a mesh storage pocket, and it unzips on three sides for easy access.

When you want to show your photos off, Polaroid Photo Stands is the coolest way to do that. We can’t get enough of the bold rainbow of colors and the simple utility.

The Polaroid Pop gives us options. It’s nice to print photos, but sometimes we want to post our adventures to social media or leave pictures in the cloud for later editing. The Pop takes memory cards, and the Samsun 128GB MicroSDXC EVO is our number one pick. It’s roomy, reliable, and has fast read-write speeds.