Philips Hue CES 2020 Outdoor lineup now available in Europe

The new Hue lineup is all about the great outdoors, in Europe.

What you need to know

  • Six Philips Hue light fixtures introduced at CES are available now.
  • All six fixtures are designed for the great outdoors.
  • North American releases will follow in March.

Philips Hue made quite the splash at this years CES held last month in Las Vegas, with the introduction of a whopping 11 new outdoor light fixtures, the first of which are available now. A total of six smart fixtures are now available in European markets, including an update to its popular Lily spotlight, as well as entirely new designs that are made for mounting on a wall.

With our latest additions to the Philips Hue outdoor collection, we offer consumers endless possibilities to create unique and personalized light effects that enhance their home’s curb appeal and set the right outdoor mood for every occasion.

As with most Hue accessories, the updated lineup of lights can display up to 16 million colors, and 50,000 shades of white. Each fixture can be controlled via the Philips Hue app, as well as with the various voice assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s HomeKit.

Four of the latest Philips Hue additions will be exclusive to Europe, with just two making their way to North America in mid-March. The following Hue lights are available for purchase on Amazon UK as of today:

Philips Hue Resonate

Even though the Resonate light come in a rectangular form factor, these outdoor lights actually create triangles of light. What’s more is that the light from them comes out both the top and bottom creating a distinct look. The European exclusive Hue Resonate are available in both a black and stainless steel finish.

£130 at Amazon UK

Philips Hue Appear

Just like the Resonate, the Hue Appear projects beams of triangular light from both sides of the outdoor fixture. The Appear however takes on a skinnier cylindrical frame and will only be available in black. This light will also make its way to North America starting in mid-March.

£130 at Amazon UK

Philips Hue Attract

Another Europe exclusive is the Hue Attract which features a classic downlight design. This outdoor light has an open glass shade which provides an “arc of light” against the wall that it is mounted to.

£182 at Amazon UK

Philips Hue Lily XL

An updated version of the popular outdoor spot light, the Lily XL has also been announced. This larger version include a more powerful spotlight, creating a dramatic effect wherever it is aimed at. A North American release will follow in mid-March.

£130 at Amazon UK

Philips Hue Daylo

Another European exclusive, the Hue Daylo is a circular outdoor fixture that comes in both black and stainless steel options. These lights mount directly to a wall which gives it a truly unique look.

£110 at Amazon UK

Philips Hue Impress

The newest Philips Hue Impress model features the same design as before, however, this time it comes in a low-voltage option. Going the low-voltage route allows the Impress to be installed simply by plugging it in, forgoing wiring or a call to an electrician.

£120 at Amazon UK

Two additional fixtures, the Nyro wall light, and pedestal light will follow in May of this year. A range of outdoor power supplies and cables will also be available soon.