Here’s what to do with your $25 Amazon Gift Card

Who said $25 doesn’t go very far anymore? Here are ways to use your gift card at Amazon.

You’ve received a $25 gift card from Amazon and now it’s time to spend it. From inexpensive cases for your iPhone to beautiful wrist bands for your Apple Watch, we’ve got this covered. Here are 10 ways to use that gift card.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 11 Case

Available in black, white, yellow, purple, PRODUCT(RED), and green, the iPhone 11 has been designed to be seen. With this in mind, here’s this inexpensive clear case from Spigen. Featuring raised bezels that lift the screen and camera off flat surfaces, the case includes pronounced buttons and large cutouts that fit most cables.

Show it off

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

$12 at Amazon

Seeing is believing

Besides clear, this case is available in green and red crystal, and matte black.

WFEAGL Apple Watch Band

A leather band for your Apple Watch doesn’t have to be expensive. Enter WFEAGL, which is available in a dizzying array of leather colors and plenty of hardware color options too. It comes in both Apple Watch sizes, and it adjusts to fit wrists ranging from 5.3 to 7.7 inches. It even comes with a TPU screen protector to prevent damage to your watch.

Leather for less

WFEAGL Apple Watch Band

$19 at Amazon

Leather for less

This is the band to get if you want real leather in a variety of color options, but you don’t want the premium price tag.

Amazon Smart Plug

One of the easiest ways to make your home smarter is by introducing a smart plug. The Amazon Smart Plug works with Alexa and adds voice control to any outlet.

Oh so easy to use

Amazon Smart Plug

$25 at Amazon

Get smarter

Simple to set up and use, the Amazon Smart Plug works with the Alexa app and features a compact design. No smart home hub is required.

OULUCCI Apple Watch Band

Snakeskin is hot this year, but if snakeskin’s not your thing, never fear. There are tons of other fashionable genuine leather options, such as slim, tapered solid colors, florals, and tri-tone color blocks.

Most Fashion-forward

OULUCCI Apple Watch Band

From $13 at Amazon


Snakeskin is burning up the internet this year. But if you’re not into it, choose a genuine leather band in a floral, tri-tone, or solid color instead.

Wyze Cam

With the Wyze Cam, you can live stream from anywhere in 1080p full HD. While live streaming, you can use two-way audio to speak with your friends and your family. Primarily, however, you’ll use the Wyze Cam to protect your home when you’re away. It includes night vision for 24/7 viewing.

Cute and powerful

Wyze Cam

$25 at Amazon

Versatile cam

With Wyze, mobile push notifications can be enabled so you’re only alerted when something is detected. Download the free Wyze app to get started on your iPhone.

Grip2ü BOOST

One of the ways to protect your iPhone 11 Pro is to get a case with a strong grip. The Grip2ü BOOST costs a little bit more than $25, but it’s worth it.

Get a grip

Grip2ü BOOST

$30 at Amazon

Grab it

The BOOST is meant to help you keep a grip on your iPhone, but protect it just in case you can’t. It features a built-in kickstand and three color options.

Anker SoundCore 2

Anker leads the pack when it comes to inexpensive accessories, and they have four great cheap speakers to choose from. “Cheap” doesn’t mean “junk” here — these are well-built products that can withstand your day to day use. The best speaker for most people will be the standard Anker SoundCore 2. This is a compact speaker that offers 24 hours of battery, 12 watts of sound, and surprisingly good bass for the size.

Great Budget Speaker

Anker SoundCore 2

From $43 from Amazon

Don’t break the bank

Put your gift card towards this perfect little speaker that’s much less than other speakers on the market.

ZIZO Bolt Series

We love this case, which is available for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Available in different colors and styles, the case protects your expensive handheld and offers extras such as a holster and kickstand.

Bolt like lightning

ZIZO Bolt Series Case with Kickstand and Belt Holster

$19 at Amazon

Versatility and unique

This uniquely designed case has an excellent grip, offers a kickstand, and comes with a holster if you prefer to carry your device on the belt.

Onvis Smart Motion Sensor

The Onvis Smart Motion Sensor features the ability to measure and report both temperature and humidity to Apple HomeKit, allowing you to view the status of your home through the Home app and via Siri. You can also build automation based on these metrics, such as activating a fan if your home gets a little too hot.

Highly sensitive

Onvis Smart Motion Sensor

$26 at Amazon

Automate your life

It’s not the sexiest accessory, but the Onvis Smart Motion Sensor gets the job done. And best of all, it works with Apple HomeKit.

Sbode Bluetooth Speaker

Here’s an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker that includes a radio! The built-in FM tuner makes it easy to catch your favorite local station. This inexpensive speaker may only have an 8-hour battery life, but it sounds good for the price. Plus, if you have two Sbode Bluetooth speakers, you can pair them together, which not only increases your sound output but also creates a true wireless stereo system.

Sweet built-in radio

Sbode Bluetooth Speaker

$39 from Amazon

For radio lovers

Not only can you catch your favorite FM stations, but the IPX6 rating means it can handle getting splashed.

These are just 10 of the items you can buy on Amazon using a $25 gift card. Of course, there are thousands of others to check out too. Whatever you do, happy shopping!.