The Apple Store is now stocking some Bridge iPad keyboards

What you need to know

  • Apple is stocking some Brydge wireless keyboards.
  • Only keyboards for the 7th Gen. iPad and 3rd Gen. iPad Air are available.
  • They’re made from aluminum and look pretty great.

Now stock the iPad Pro models, please.

Brydge has made a name for itself by making great wireless keyboards that are designed for use with tablets. And the iPad is no different, with the Brydge Wireless Keyboard proving popular. So popular that Apple is now stocking some of them.

Right now it seems that keyboards for the 7th Gen. iPad and 3rd Gen. iPad Air are the only options available, but it’s a start. They’re up for order on Apple’s online store and Jason Snell says he’s heard that some stores are stocking them as well.

The keyboards are made from aluminum and turn iPads into a MacBook Pro or sorts. At least, that’s how they look. There’s no trackpad here, unfortunately. Although one is in the works.

Apple says the Brydge keyboards will make people “even more productive.”

The Brydge 10.5 wireless Bluetooth keyboard for iPad helps make you even more productive anytime, anywhere. Its patented hinge allows easy attachment and removal, and the 1.2mm of key travel ensures a superior typing experience.

Both keyboards are available now, selling for $129.95. They’re also available in Gold, Silver, or Gray colors to match your iPad of choice.