Apple confirms it will attend NeurIPS next week

What you need to know

  • Apple will attend NeurIPS next week.
  • It will anve employees making oresentations.
  • Apple is using machine learning more and more.

The event runs from December 8 through December 14.

Apple has announced (via MacRumors) that it is attending next week’s Conference and Workshop on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS)in Vancouver, Canada.

The event runs December 8 through December 14 and Apple will have employees speaking during the conference. It also says that its teams are “engaged in state of the art research in machine hearing, speech recognition, natural language processing, machine translation, text-to-speech, and artificial intelligence, improving the lives of millions of customers every day.”

Apple uses machine learning more and more, and not just for Siri. The QuickType keyboard is one area people may not realize machine learning is used, with Photos being another app that takes advantage of the technology.

Apple also notes that it has a number of jobs available in the machine learning space, with prospective applicants able to learn more at the Jobs at Apple website.